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HTC Duplicate text messages to Iphone

2: Seeker

My sister has an HTC desire phone and every time she texts me (Iphone4S), and only me, I get two duplicate messages within a few seconds. Very annoying.

It doesnt happen to me when I send out, or to anyone else receiving her texts. Both on Vodafone.

Please advise

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Hi grantwylie


Thank you for your post and it is great to see you here on the eForum.:smileyhappy:


I have to admit this is rather a strange one, have you got your sister saved in your contacts twice?


Please can you both ensure you are using the latest software for your devices, could you also please perform a hard reset as described below and ask your sister to perform a soft reset by holding down the home button and the power button until the device appears to have switched off and the Apple logo has reappeared.


- Switch the handset on
- Whilst powered up, remove the SIM card and battery
- Put the battery back in and switch on
- Wait a couple of minutes, then remove the battery again
- Replace the SIM and battery and switch back on


I have also sent you a Private Message to follow, this way we can check the SMS both sent and received if both on Vodafone to see if there is a duplicate on the network.


You can find your PM inbox here.


Many Thanks



eForum Team


It would be amazing if you could take 30 seconds to complete a quick survey to aid my development. :smileyvery-happy:

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17: Community Champion



That reset relates to a Blackberry rather than an iPhone I think. You cannot remove an iPhone battery of course - more's the pity!


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2: Seeker

Thank you so far, apparently I dont have enough privelidges to access private messages- perhaps you could email directly.

I will ask my sister to carry out a reset on her HTC Desire. There doesnt appear to be any duplicate contact entries but ill double check

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2: Seeker

Reached a new posting level and now have access to private messages. Have mailed details as requested

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