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HTC Legend - How do i install a new sd card?

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I am having problems installing a new micro sd into my Legend. When i insert my 8gb micro sd the phone boots with error no sd card inserted notification. I know its not a faulty sd card becausese it works fine in my old Nokia. I have tried formating card on my computer and also copying all the data over from the supplied sd card to 8gb one using my computer. Neither worked and i am still stuck using my 2 gb card when i could be using 8gb for all my music!

Advice anyone?
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Moderator (Retired)
Hi twiceasniceno1,

This is a very strange issue! If it were a problem with the phone's SD Card reader, then it shouldn't be working with your 2GB card either, so that rather throws a spanner in the works :blink:

The only thing I can think of is a compatibility issue with the SD card itself. Can you confirm for us the make of the SD Card? Hopefully someone with the same type of card can test this and confirm if it works for them or not. I'm afraid other than that I'm out of ideas!


eForum Team

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4: Newbie
Is it an SDHD card? I don't know if the Legend supports SDHD cards. Otherwise I'm out of ideas.
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