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This is a locked archive and content on this page may no longer be up to date. These posts and threads have been archived for reference only.


HTC Sensation General Discussion

2: Seeker

sensation is my first android.  All the apps i try to download stall on download starting.  only tried over wifi.  Anyone know how to fix this.  I've read start goolge talk which i have (i think) but to no avail

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4: Newbie
I was getting the Same issue don't think my phone setup right when I first turned it on did a factory reset and they download now
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2: Seeker

cheers, yeah i restarted the phone and it is working now.  Amazing thing.

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14: Advanced member

 Ive had this on my Desire before and found that if restarting the phone does not work if you go into settings> Manage Applications> All> Market> And then clear data. When you go back to market it will ask you to agree to the T&C's again and then it should work. Ive heard of the google talk sign out and back in again quite alot on Xda devs and alot say it works but ive never tried it.

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2: Seeker

Got me phone on 20th, spent whole Saturday exploring, found a few bugs/problems with the following:


When to remove apps, the UNINSTALL button doesn't work (On some apps e.g.; Barcode scanner, Sygic)


When to move apps to SD card, it doesn't change the "move to SD card" button so no confirmation whether or

not the app has moved, though you can see the app size being changed  (On some apps e.g..; Barcode scanner, Sygic)


Sygic 3 or Sygic Aura 2.1.3 doesn't work, only downloader


Message/Email navigation has changed, you can't "swipe" from one message to another anymore as it was on

DESIRE, Annoying!


Location ask you to update the maps, it download and update too but kept saying that you need to update the maps


Unlike on DESIRE/FROYO, you can't even save your "Scene" even if you've customized it


Phone gets warm while charging and hot while in use, also there is a tiny "hum" you can feel if you touch the aluminum chases at    the back, though I could only feel/hear that during the pin-drip-silence


Earpiece isn't loud enough if you're out in some noisy area but the other party can hear you well


Screen is very smudgy, well, significantly more "smudgier" than DESIRE




I'll update in due course


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2: Seeker
have any of you niticed when you manually add a contact i cant put in a post code it asks for zip code and locks the keyboard to numbers only please help as i add an average of two contacts with address a day
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2: Seeker

My Sensation keep losing all it sounds, i.e. ring tone, message received sound email received etc.


It means I am missing all calls, texts, email etc, and thats not the real point of having a phone :smileysad:


The only way I can find to fix it is to restart the whole phone. Does anyone else have the same problem ? 


Can any help me with this problem or is a just a case of returning the phone ?


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4: Newbie
gotta be honest i'm not sold on it and i doubt i'll be keeping it which is a huge shame i really wanted to like this but i just dont
on a plus side my wife adores hers so thats good
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2: Seeker

In short a potentially great phone is let down by too many bad points.

I had high hopes for this handset when I got it on Friday but after a weekend of testing it looks like it is going back.
The video and camera are very good, everything looks clear and sound is good. Playback of AVI files was surprisingly disappointing for such a powerful phone.

The battery life is woeful to be honest, I didn't get half a day of use and it was not intensive use either! GPS failed massively to find me both on Endomondo and Google maps.

The main issue however it the unforced reboots (5 so far in a weekend). Not sure if this is something that others have gotten so far but I'm afraid I cannot wait to see if their is an update.

The screen despite it's pixels in not a patch on the SGS 2 with viewing angles relatively poor and the blacks not really black.

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4: Newbie

I liked my BB Storm 2 but I really really like my Sensation.


Everything I've done has worked fine.


Imported contacts from my BB Storm with no issues at all.


Have downloded 3G Watchdog just to keep an eye on mobile useage although I know it will never be a problem.


I've bought Calengoo which allows my wife and I (her using an IPhone 4) and me with my Sensation to keep a single Calendar going.  It'w absolutely brilliant.  It does rely on the parties involved telling each other their gmail logon but for us that is no drama.


All mapping stuff working fine ... though a little confused as to whether or not Google Earth 'Street View' as I know it from my PC is functioning quite the same.


I'm using the free 'Lookout' virus/spam checker and might upgrade at the end of the 14 day period.


No probs with connecting to two of my regular wifi places.


Too early to comment on battery life ... but it survived a day in London on Saturday with extensive playing with by me, son, daughter and daughter's boyfriend!!


I don't have a chrome ring around my camera.


Things I need to find out about.  


How to get some seriously loud ringtones from my BB working.  They're ones I made myself and I've copied them to the SD card but can't see them at the moment.


Saying the sensation does printing over wi-fi is true ... but it only supports a few wifi printers .. and my Brother HL2170W isn't one of them!!


It doesn't seem to have an auto on-off.  I could set my BB to turn off at a given time eg 2300 and then back on again at a given time eg 0700.  Can't see that on the Sensation and I have even flicked through the 207 page user manual that I copied to my laptop.


Haven't paired it with the bluetooth in the car. 


A few little jobs for today!!


Bye for now.


Phil aka SMS 

Phil C
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4: Newbie

I have been happy with most things so far, I found the Google gps to be the best I have used on a phone so far, battery life seem quite short but I have been using it constantly, my main problem has been getting video files to play Im not sure if its because of the type of files ,I have tried avi and xvid and had problems with the sound disappearing after a few minutes then if you jump back or forward in the video the sound comes back for a bit, well I will continue to try and solve this issue.

I still think this is a fantastic phone the build quality and the screen are gorgeous.

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2: Seeker

Noticed the zip code issue, real pain in the A?? so far thats the only annoyance I've found with it. Don't think I've seen it drop down the Edge yet, most often it sitting happily wth an H. Blindingly fast not sure about battery life yet, but anything better than my HTC Magic (post 2.2 update) where I couldnt get better than 6hrs on standby is a blessing.

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4: Newbie



Well another few hours bashing away on my Sensation(al).  Several phone call, texts and emails all ok and forwarding of an email to a group of 'people' as a text and all ok. 


I don't use video that much so can't comment on the issues people are having with it.


I've sorted out my ringtones from my Blackberry and now have them on the Sensation (with a quick steer from a forum member).


The car paired with the 'Blue and Me' system in my Italian car with no problems at all.


The mirror works as well!!


Auto on/off to sort out now .... and find some emoticons to use in texts and then it'll be sorted.







Phil C
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2: Seeker

The postcode /zipcode is an issue obviously we all live in America.

This is a pain surely trying to use the address to navigate to the address isnt going to work.

Hope we get this sorted, Fing annoying I use this with my sat nav but cant store it on my phone :smileysad:

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4: Newbie

I am loving the phone:smileyhappy:, so many good things about it but as usual I need to focus on and resolve anything I am not happy with.


First thing is that the screen is a much higher resolution however the icons are all the same size, you can only get four in a row just like on the Desire and HD etc.


I think there should be the option to have smaller icons and more information on the screen to see this just enable the 'dock mode' on the phone and thats how I would expect the whole phone to be.


I have seen a couple of negative reviews on yourtube for the phone, a couple of points I may agree with them on however overall the phone is a cracker!

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2: Seeker

cooljhill wrote:
have any of you niticed when you manually add a contact i cant put in a post code it asks for zip code and locks the keyboard to numbers only please help as i add an average of two contacts with address a day


Yeah, same problem here and I can't find any other settings to change to alter it. Adding contacts to outlook and syncing will carry postcode across but it's more normal for me to add to phone then sync to outlook!!


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Moderator (Retired)


Hey Guys,


Many thanks for all of your posts and questions here, I would also like to welcome all of our new users to this thread. J


As there are a number of unanswered issues here, I will try and address them all however, if I do miss any please let me know, I will try my best to answer any questions however we currently are awaiting for the device to be delivered to our office for testing.



Postcode issue asking for ZIP code.


Unfortunately this is something that has been noticed across the board and as of yet there doesn’t seem to be any resolution other than entering the contact details in outlook and syncing those to the phone. This Will need to be raised with HTC directly, so we can do this please can you let us know exactly what software version you are on.



Loosing Sound notifications


This could be caused by a couple of things;


Can you confirm if the ringtones are stock ringtones or custom ringtones?

If they are custom ringtones, are these on the memory card or phone memory?

Have you tried removing the tones from the phone formatting the memory card and putting the tones back on?



Battery Life


With many handsets the battery life can sometimes be poor at first, the best thing that I can advise is to keep charging this over the next couple of days to help condition the battery, if things don’t improve within the first 7 days, then let us know and we can look at an exchange for you.



Random Reboots

This can be caused by many different issues including certain apps, can you confirm if you have installed many apps when you got the device?

Have you tried removing the apps to see if this still happens?

Do you know if you installed anything prior to the first random reboot?


Auto Off/On


I’m afraid that this function is a blackberry specific function and is not available on any other handset Operating System.




eForum Team


If you have any feedback regarding how I have handled your query today, please complete our short feedback survey.

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1: Seeker

Megapixels on camera - the specs on HTC and Vodafone say this is a 8mp camera, but all my photos are 3264x1840 which I make just under 6mp. Am I missing a setting somewhere, are the specs wrong or is there a fault with the camera?

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2: Seeker
My Sensation was fine up until this afternoon. Now the phone function barely works and it takes about 5 tries before I can make a call.

I took the sim out and put it in an old Blackberry and I got sms that I should have received earlier in the day.

Weird thing is it was working fine till this afternoon, now calls take ages to place, sms takes ages to come through. Not a happy bunny!
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1: Seeker
Just spent a while on the phone with HTC, and it appears the numbers are correct - the phone manages to lose a quarter of the pixels between sensor and image, possibly because the lens is so small. Still, very impressed with the images nonetheless!
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