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HTC Sense Phone finder

4: Newbie
When I log in to HTC sense it tells me the following

“Phone finder" is currently disabled. For security reasons, go to your phone to enable this feature in Settings >> Location >> Phone finder.

I have done this and still no joy.

Any ideas on what I am dong wrong
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17: Community Champion
You're not alone on this one. I've seen a couple of threads about this on the HTC and XDA developers forums.

HTC Forums
XDA Developers

Worth keeping a bookmark on the below pages as they'll let you keep up to speed with any fresh fixes while HTC investigate

Vodafone customer since 2004. Attempting to help where I can on the Community

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4: Newbie
I have managed to resolve it ..

I have removed HTC Sense from the phone and readded it and it seems to be working again.

I think the issue was due ti the fact that when I got the phone I registered it for htc sence then I upgraded the software on the phone. It seems that unless you remove and readd sense after the upgrade it wont works..
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1: Seeker

How did you remove Sense? it doesn't have an uninstall option

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4: Newbie

you don't remove it from the phone all you do is this:





manage applications

select HTC sense

and then tap force stop and clear data


this will restart sense


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4: Newbie

Didn't work at all at first for me on my Desire Z.


Then it was showing as if I was in the ocean off the west coast of Africa, no amount of refreshing or whatever solved this. (I'm in the UK).


So I did what Dave said and reset it, restarting my phone then doing the signing back in, being sure to tick the Locations box...


And now its not working again, done this 3 times now, signed in / out multiple times. it says Phone Finder is disabled, and it won't even ring my phone anymore,  "Unable to connect to your phone to make it ring." I've had it on Wifi while doing this btw.


Blarrrrrgh, any ideas? It LOOKS a useful service, but only if it bloody works.



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1: Seeker

I agree - looks like a fantastic service.  But I can't get it to work either. Exactly the same symptoms.

I've tried deleting the account and I've tried the above steps to restart HTC Sense.  Nothing seems to help.


Could it be that I am using wifi to connect and not the data network?

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1: Seeker
And I forgot to mention, the confirmation email was sent to me in Finnish, even though I ticked whatever boxes for UK and English that I could.

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4: Newbie

Did the same to me, though I'd no idea what language it was heh.

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4: Newbie

Double post, but the Location Finder is now magically "working", as in its showing a picture at least. However I'm in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Africa apparently.


It also can't ring my phone, just the "Can't connect to ring" message when the button is clicked.


Just want to compare a couple of settings and stuff with those who do have it working:


1. How do you have the number input on the site? +44790xxxxxxx? or 0790xxxxxxx?  (for the UK, I'm currently using the former)


2. For the locationfinder stuff, have you done any messing in google maps or any of the navigation stuff first? I haven't, besides turning on the locationfinder settings.


3. Is this supposed to work with Wifi on or off? If on, how long did you leave it on for, and did you do anything special to make it work?

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