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HTC Trophy - Your experiences

16: Advanced member
Well i have now got my hands on one of these so i thought i would share a few of my experiences so far today.

I had already prepared my Live ID - This is a Microsoft Live ID, i already use it for my Xbox and hotmail account that i own so i was quickly able to integrate this into Windows Phone 7.

What i did before getting the devices:

  • Ensured my contacts were correct in Windows live (i have been meaning to remove most of my MSN contacts as i no longer use them)
  • Linked my account to Zune via (quick and easy to do)
  • I already had my Xbox linked so i did not need to do this upon receiving my device

Popped the SIM into my phone and switched it on and off we went, i just did the generic settings for the device and added my liveID, the phone went away and started to bring down my contacts that i had stored on Hotmail/Live.

I would recommend leaving this a few minutes to ensure that the sync has happened etc.

To add Facebook i went into settings which is pinned to the home screen at the bottom and email/accounts - this was very straight forward however it did take about 10 minutes to make sure it was fully synced, I then had the great task of linking my contacts however this is very painless and quick.

Marketplace - As i had already linked my Live ID account to Zune this seemed to work straight away, i was able to search/download and install free apps (i have not purchased any yet) and they are all working on the device.

I would recommend going into the following apps if you want to take advantage of the location based services the device offers as the first time you go into them it will prompt you if you want this switching on:
  • Maps
  • Search (press search button from the start screen

Other apps you will want to load up for the first time will be the Xbox area for your games as this syncs with your Xbox account.

Other experiences
Well the keyboard seems to work well as does the pinning of apps, i have not yet managed to install Zune on my home pc and use the media services and the radio does not work well in my location so i can not comment on that really.

Email works excellent for exchange, they also show in HTML format unlike the standard email client on Android.

I guess i can post more moving forward but feel free to add your experiences on here.

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So far I've been happy with mine. Would have said "very happy" but holding off until I work out what happened today.

At one point today calls started being an issue. I could hear people, but they couldn't hear anything from my phone - like I'd pressed "mute." And, no, I had not pressed mute. I still can't quite worked out what caused this. I'm thinking it may have been something else I had opened, but really can't work it out.

Eventually I switched the phone off and on again. Now calls seem to work again. If anyone's had a similar issue please add if you found the cause.

The phone itself reacts very well. I like the integration of different things in different parts of the phone. The 'me' tab will take any updates I've made on various sites - facebook and others. The pictures option integrates pictures from those sites. The people tab integrates contact information from your sim card with facebook, windows live, etc.

My email accounts set up swiftly - although my email accounts are with Sky, Hotmail and Yahoo - so they all have quick setup options. Not sure about setting up accounts from less common providers.

Internet browsing seems very good - but haven't quite found some settings I'd like. Like selecting a home page - setting favourites is easy though. And the planned flash add on will be welcome when it arrives.

I've downloaded a few apps - the facebook one is the best facebook app I've seen, and many seem to agree. The imdb one is probably better than the actual imdb site on PCs. Hooking up with your location to show local cinema times, etc. And without exploring too many apps yet - the local concerts one seems good - showing what gigs are on in next 2 months within a customisable distance of your phone's location.

I downloaded a trial version of one game - and was very impressed - not sure I'd pay the price expected for some of the full versions - but controls seem responsive, and easy to get used to - and graphics and sound are good.

I've used the radio, and found it straight forward, and worked well.

I intend trying out zune pass soon, but haven't got to it yet.

I'm yet to explore many aspects of the phone - but the bizarre muted calls issue aside - I have been impressed so far.

Only things I'd question is battery life, but I'm probably not giving the phone much of a break just now. And the flash for the camera may be too powerful. Got some shots of my 9 month old blinded by the brightness - but picture quality and video quality have been very good.
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16: Advanced member
Hi all

So i went away for the weekend and i managed to have a good look around the device and actually use it as my personal phone (changing from my iPhone finally). And here are a few more questions answered when it comes to the trophy 7 (windows phone 7).

Can i change the colour scheme that Vodafone has provided?
Yes easily done in Settings > Theme
Here you can change the background colour and the colour of the live tiles :) (magenta anyone? :P)

How do you install the device on your machine?
I am using a dell studio 15 at home with Windows 7 x64 bit and as soon as i connected the device to the laptop the pc downloaded all relative drivers approx 10meg of drivers. Upon doing this it then prompted me to download and install the Zune software, you can avoid this step by going to and downloading the latest version from there before hand.

I have yet to test out the wireless sync options however this is something that i will test later this week, also i am going to use the Zune pass 14day trial, unfortunately there are no TV episodes available in the UK from what i can see off Zune which is a shame so i think i may put my 14 day Trial on hold for a week or so until i am ready to watch lots of films..

How easy is Zune to use?
It was very painless, everything is drag and drop personally i prefer it to iTunes as i can not stand it!! Zune was a breath of fresh air indeed, however it may not be everyones cup o tea. My phone synced what i wanted it too and the ability to change tracks etc was easy to figure out.

Any other features worth knowing about?
Everyone likes to personalise their device and you can amend the pictures that show both on your Pictures tile and Lock screen by going into the pictures tile, select the picture that you want. If you want your picture tile to change then you need to tap and hold on the background and change the picture to the one you want, if you want a particular picture as your background just go into it and tap and hold. Simples

I have yet to figure out if you can add personal ringtones to the device due to a busy weekend however i will certainly be looking into it.

Again post your findings ;)

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Have you noticed any strange markings on the screen, like glue residue, but that you cannot remove - they will show up with fingerprints/ grease/ or a gentle blow to create condensation?

Seems like a widespread "defect" that has been picked up on the xda forums
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16: Advanced member
yes have just started to notice it recently, doesnt really affect the device use thought it was just how the screen was but going spot.

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4: Newbie
With regards to the glue residue. The more you use it, the residue thins out across the screen. Now it's across the whole screen and looks fine again. Love Windows Phone 7. Switched from a HTC Desire to the HTC Trophy. Best thing I ever did, especially considering Android is getting unreliable.

My only gripe about WP7 is the camera settings for video not getting saved when you close the application. This is a "feature" of the OS according to @WinPhoneSupport and @WindowsPhone
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16: Advanced member
Since when has Android been unreliable? Never had an issue myself
HTC One X (S720e)
ROM: 3.14.401.31 (JRO03C)
HBOOT: 1.39.0000 | Recovery: Stock
Radio: 5.1204.162.29 | Kernel: Stock
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Apart from the annoying marks on the screen (especialy in bright light), impressed by the Trophy - Love Windows Phone 7 and the form is just about the right size/weight

- whole "metro" UI, loads of subtle animations that you don't notice at first
- search and back buttons (keep forgetting about the back button - really useful)
- predictive text v good
- integration of Facebook updates and photos is superb, hopefully other apps will emerge equally integrated
- Zune pass / streaming music especially since Xbox 360 update to include Zune music on Monday (can give up Orb now)
- Internet Explorer much improved
- speed of response (a world apart from an old iPhone 3G running iOS 4.x)
- more apps that I expected
- value for money - free on £25 per month

Few gripes:
- Marketplace has crashed a few times, I suspect after streaming music (can't find a way to stop playing , just pause)
- Battery life not great
- Camera not great with indoor lighting
- had big problems trying to get Live Tile on Weatherbug working, uninstalled / reinstalled some apps and it finally works
- finding some settings are obscure, e.g. changing the background in pictures
- loading games can be slow
- HTC hub - waste of space
- Vodafone 360 - not that impressed
- podcast support in zune is basic (best to subscribe in itunes and then let zune pick them up)
- internet browsing not as fast as iPhone (could just be Vodafone issue)
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4: Newbie

Since when has Android been unreliable? Never had an issue myself

Google's servers are down a fair bit at the moment. Android Market often forgets what you've purchased/downloaded. Calendar and Mail aren't always sync'ing correctly. It's all posted on the Android Dev forums (special access needed). Gingerbread should hopefully resolve a few.
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4: Newbie
Really like mine. Not happy with the glue residue though, I'm not prepared to keep it in this condition. Could a mod advise who I need to phone to return it? I bought the phone from @VodafoneUKDeals on Twitter (so the web relations team?). I know in-store won't take it, asked today (they agreed with me that the marks constitute faulty but apparently can't do anything about it because I bought the phone from the web team).

- Battery life not great

Try switching WiFi off when not in use. It's a lesson that it took me a while to learn on the iPhone and it definitely carries over. Battery life still isn't fantastic, but it'll make it through the day.
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Took mine back to the shop - guy said they all had the screen problem to some extent (he got out a new one to show me) so no point changing until they sort it out

p.s. forgot to mention wireless sync - another nice feature. phone plugged in downstairs, syncs with PC upstairs, no fussing about with cables, etc
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4: Newbie
Like every new HTC phone, the battery is getting better with each charging cycle. I'm getting 36-48 hours out of mine at the moment, and thats with web browsing, emails, music and a bit of gaming each day!
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16: Advanced member
I have also noticed an improved battery life, even with heavy music usage on a daily basis. i still havent bought any apps yet as i still can not justify purchasing anything however i am sure there will be that must have game soon! (am hoping for some Sega love something like shining force 2 that works with your saved game off the xbox please)

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yep battery life much improved
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4: Newbie
Can't comment on the phone as I went the HD7 route - but the Os is brilliant - really enjoying using the phone - had an odd moment where it wouldn't send MMS - but I think thats sorted by downloading the HTC Connections app (sets the phone to the operator - choose from a list).

Games are good - only bought The Harvest but its really good - worth the money - also bought Mars Attacks and another film from Zune and wirelessly sync'd them to the phone while charging - now thats a great feature.

I'm not getting long on the battery atm but thats probably because its not sitting on charge for long :) should have more of a clue tomorrow after a full night charging.

If you don't want all your facebook contacts imported into the people hub hold your finger down on a clear area of the people screen to bring up settings - or use the 3 dots and bottom and choose settings - can choose to only import facebook contacts that match exisiting contacts - something that many online reviews thought the phone couldn't do (instead having to get ALL facebook contacts).
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