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2: Seeker

Hi Guys,

                 Please forgive any stupidity regarding the following question as I'm a newbie to smartphones. I have been trying to send  the data/apps i have downloaded to the SD card to free up some memory on the phone. When I get into the screen I believe is right

settings- applications-manage applications. I then tap the icon i want to move . When i do this for nearly all apps the move to sd card is greyed out, as is force stop ( don't know what that is ) and clear cache. The only options  I have are  uninstall and clear data.


Also a second question if that's O.K. I am due to go abroad later in the year ( Spain ) my plan isYPL 24ESS 600m UT x VP VMI. Can I use my phone using wi-fi  to gain net access without incurring charges. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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17: Community Champion



Welcome to the forum. I can answer both your questions for you.


First - may i suggest installing App 2 SD from the android market. This app will alert you of any apps that can be stored on the SD, not all can unfortunatly as you have already discovered.


Second - Assuming the wifi you are using is free you will not incur any additional charges.  


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2: Seeker
Thanks Nabs yor help is much appreciated. Still learning but I'll get there. Thanks once again
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1: Seeker

I know that this maybe a long shot but i am also new to the smart phone generation i currently have a htc explorer and have got apps to sd from the andriod market also but when i go and try to move apps from there i get a message saying "failed to move application system error" i am also running the gingerbread system

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17: Community Champion



Not all Apps can be moved to the SDcard. It mainly depends on the Permissions that the App uses to integrate into the Android Platform.

If the App Developer has not written the SDcard Permission into the App, then it will not be able to be installed anywhere other than "/system/app". 


Hope that helps


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