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HTC Wildfire - Copying phone numbers to sim card

4: Newbie

Has anyone worked out if you can copy your phone numbers in the HTC phone memory to the Sim card at all (a pretty basic function on older phones)? I transferred a full sim card to my new wildfire, but customer service suggested I use a clean sim for improved performance as mine was old. Numbers are in the phone memory - now I want to transfer them to my new card!

Any help is appreciated.

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4: Newbie
For individual contacts, you can select them and press menu, more and Save To Sim.

being honest, you are better off using the Google Service and this backs them up online and on the handset.

I can't think of a way to export them all other than saving to a Memory Card.

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Moderator (Retired)
Hi jase_p,

There is no way to bulk-transfer all contacts back onto the SIM card, because your SIM card can only hold a maximum of 200 contacts, and only a single name against a single number. If you add any extra details to a contact on the phone, such as an additional contact number or an email address, this will not be stored on the SIM card as one entry, but as lots of separate ones.

The good news is, anything stored in your phone memory can easily be backed up, and synchronised with your Google Account if needs be :) If you want, you can export your entire contact list to your SD Card, just in case.

To do this, load up HTC People from the App list, press the Menu button, and then Import / Export > Export to SD Card.

If you ever format your phone in the future, your Google Contacts will download automatically, but your Phone Contacts would need to be imported again, so choosing "Import from SD Card" after wiping your phone will restore these :)

I trust this helps!


eForum Team

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