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HTC Wildfrie S problems

2: Seeker

Few things really:


1. why are all my messages jumbled up on the conversation thread it annoys me and i have to read through them again to work out whats just been said when im texting friends?


2. when my friends text me it comes up with the name like a sim contact so for example its Smith;Rebecca/1 how can i change this?


3, my contacts have all sim contacts,facebook and normal so people come up like 3 times in my contacts and it annoys me i just want normal names i dnt need the sim or the facebook there


4. Trying to download a new skin i get a notification telling me that it has been downloaded yet i go back to the skins and its not there??


5. Battery goes day within a day i have to charge every night?!


Help for all 5 problem would be greatly appreciated thank you!!

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Moderator (Retired)

Hey there missames_90,


Many thanks for your post and welcome to the eForum.


I'm sorry to read you've a few bugs there. I'll answer each question in turn.


1) Jumbled conversations were associated with a firmware that we believe has been updated. Can you confirm for me your software version? You can get this by visiting our Wildfire S Help Centre, clicking 8. 'Miscellaneous', then "how do I find what software level my phone uses?"


2) To edit the way contacts are displayed so it appears as Joe Bloggs rather than Bloggs; Joe then please follow these instructions:


a) Find the contact you wish to edit

b)Tap 'edit'

c)Tap the contact name

d)Tap 'Display name:'

e) Pick the display you'd prefer


I can't find a way to change all contacts at once on my HTC Desire so will hand this one over to the forum for some other users' experiences.


3) To change which contacts are displayed in your phonebook you will need to again access your phonebook, Menu, People, Menu, View and tick whichever contacts list you wish to view. For example, on my phone I have SIM, Google, Phone, Facebook and Twitter.


4) Is it possible you could let me know which skin you are trying to download so I could at least try to replicate the problem?


5) I too have to charge my handset every night. I find it's a very common drawback of owning something almost as powerful as a computer in the palm of your hand. There are third party apps available on the Market but I can't personally recommend and as they've not been tested by Vodafone. Again, I'll hand over to the community for more insight on this one.


I'd really appreciate a little feedback on how you thought I dealt with your query today. Just click the link here to take part





eForum Team


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