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Has there been a firmware fix update since ics was released?

4: Newbie
Just wondered if they had done an update to iron out the bugs?
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13: Advanced Member



There has not been any further update to the Stock Vodafone Rom as yet, the current version is displayed below:-




Android Version 4.0.3

Baseband Version I9100BULP6

Kernel Version 3.0.15-I9100BULPC-CL332484dpi@DELL154#3

Build Number IML74K.BULPC



Hope this helps



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4: Newbie
Hi Rob, are you able to detail what bugs you have been receiving? I had issues with the messaging and also error message telling me charging paused voltage too high but only when it was not plugged in charging. As always Vodafone blamed this on Water Damage
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16: Advanced member

We no one of the problems is causes by the previouse firmware and apps that have been left on 

A Full rest can fix these if that does not work and it was working fine on Gingerbread it still is possible that the firmware did not down load completly 

some times a roll back and a re flase may fix this 

But yes if you can let us no what bugs you have ???

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15: Advanced member

Android 4.0.4 has been released but not for the S2.


Also users were reporting signal issues on 4.0.4.


Like NDJ said, some "bugs" are got rid of by a full factory reset and then restoring apps to your phone.


Most bugs are in the apps though, as some are still not optimised for ICS (I've had a few rants about this so won't bore you!) depending on what apps you really need they may work better on Gingerbread, the roll-back procedure is quite simple.

Sometimes the simple answer is overlooked because it's technology that's complicated!
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4: Newbie
Sorry to ###### in, but how do you rollback and reflash? Had nothing but probs and wanna go back to Gingerbread. Thanks
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15: Advanced member

Instructions below


Links are out of date but you can download them from, then the firmware section.

Sometimes the simple answer is overlooked because it's technology that's complicated!
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17: Community Champion



Just a heads-up... I have now updated the Rollback guide and included 2.3.3, 2.3.5 and ICS.


All Links work



GB 2.3.3

GB 2.3.5

ICS 4.0.3




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4: Newbie
Main problems i seem to be having are that the 'vibrate only' option does not work when i select it i get no vibration but vibrate works on full sound. Other problem is the screen freezing up etc. Ive already done the factory reset several times. It hsnt fixed the issue.
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