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Help Monthly Balance Of Tex And Minutes Left

<_< just joined vodaphone could someone please tell me what number i dial to tell me how much talk time and texes i have left for the month :rolleyes: many thanks :blush:
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4: Newbie
Hi Lyds , welcome to the eForum and Welcome to Vodafone! :D

Usually to check your balance you would ring 44555 or use the MyAccount simply by registering Since you are new , the Balance checker will not work , or will not work accurately. At least this answer is based on my experience with this issue twice when i upgraded and got a new contract.

Being the first month , since you had joined near the middle the system is confused and can not calculate your minutes , the best option to see how many minutes you have left is to ring customer services FREE of charge on 191 -> option 1 -> Option 4 and ask them your remaining minutes , they may be able to calculate them for you. However , when i rang when i had this issue , as the system could not calculate it the only way to check was to tally up all the calls to see how much , which for me the assistant still could not work out. I was left having to be careful with what i use for the first month.

But the Good news is , Vodafone work on a "pro-rata" basis and everyone's minutes come on the 1st of every month , so As you get your new minutes the system should then work fine for you and you can track your usage accurately because now it can work out how many minutes you have , a reset of the counter to describe it. So to sum it up , on the 1st or 2nd of next month your problem should be sorted and you should be able use 44555 without any problems

Also , One more thing is if you singed up for example 600 minutes a month , on the first month you entered like nearly half way through so you do not get the full amount of minutes..... For example , I got 600 minutes on the 6th of the month so i got 480 minutes given to me and not the full amount. So 600 minutes divided by 30 days of the month , 20 minutes a day , Hence i missed 6 days = 120 so i got 480 minutes that month.

If their is anything else feel free to post back! I know my post might sound a little confusing :D


P.S. Click the Myaccount button located on the Top-Right of the Page to register for online Billing and to help manage your account and remaining Minute's etc.
Hello World!
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Moderator (Retired)
Hi lyds,

Thanks to PICNIC, my job's pretty much done here.

Some great advice, your first bill will normally be sent approximately 6 weeks after connection date. Your first bill will represent you first, part month's line rental, and your second (full month's) line rental so it'll be larger than expected due to this pro rata style bill. After your first bill, everything will settle down and you'll see normal line rental charges from month to month.

Check out the My Account section once you've had your first bill, it's a fab tool to be able to manage your account from the comfort of your own home, and paperless too, so you're doing your bit for the environment ;)


eForum team

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2: Seeker
Hi i was wondering if someone could help.
Ive called 44555 and they have sent me a message telling me how many minutes and internet usage i have used, but it doesnt tell me how many messages i have used, if i call 191 it tells me my balance on each which is £0 so i knowbi havent gone over but it still doesnt tell me how many i have used?
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16: Advanced member

have you signed up for an online account?


do you have unlimited texts? if you have unlimited texts then i dont think you need to worry since theyre unlimited...

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