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How do I download photos from s2 to pc via data cable? don't want to use wi-fi in case not secure

4: Newbie

As it says really.



I have been trying to download some photos from my s2 to my pc but would like to use the data cable if possible as i just don't trust wi-fi


WIndows does a CDC serial search but cannot find any drivers or whatever they call it to load so I can do it



Can anyone help please?


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4: Newbie

Have you you got samsung Kies installed?



That should install the drivers for you........ and then you can just connect it with the usb cable



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4: Newbie
I've got a klies air app but it keeps asking me to pick wi-fi and i don't want to use wi-fi, can't see any other klies app?
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16: Advanced member

You need to go into wireless settings then USB settings and select massstorage go back to your desk top plug in your phone it should show up a android robolt and a box that says USB storage press If you do not press this it will not work

now windows will look in the Kies folder and find the drivers and instal them and it will open two drives just like a USB stick the folders were your pics are are in DCIM

Now if windows does not see the phone then you need to open your device manager and you will see yellow !

Right click and unistall then try again 

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9: Established
Which version of Windows are you using? By default the S2 should be picked up as an MTP device if you don't have Kies installed as Windows XP SP2 and beyond support MTP natively. The Kies Air application is separate as it's for remotely controlling the phone or something (haven't tried it), the main Kies application is around an 80MB download from the Samsung site. It should show items like contacts, pictures, videos and prompt you to connect the phone over USB or wifi, once connected it should load the drivers and allow you transfer data.

Knowledge is power, guard it well
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4: Newbie

I operate windows Xp on my main computer and windows 7 on my laptop - samsung have been no help whatsoever. very disappointed.

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16: Advanced member

Right if your not wanting to use wifi then the only way is your windows 7 machine as explaned it uses the MTP protacl which was first used on windows Vista. Now manufactures don't have to give support for XP any more some still do mass storage uses the PDA type of accses 


any How 

Here is a fix to try Only on your XP Machine

It uses a PDA program and seems to work 

Down load from here

The 32bit version

When you run the program it installs all the drivers you need,Let it finish.

Now on your phone set it to Mass storage then plug it in and Xp will do the rest and if all goes well  You should get two windows open, as two extra drives and away you go. 

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