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How long for a response???

4: Newbie

Any mod viewing please reply. I posted here nearly 4 days ago asking for proof of usage to be sent out to me. As a customer I expected at the very least a reply! I made a double post and within the hour I had a response advising me that when an advisor is free I will here from them! Now I know posts need to be dealt with in order but come on, nearly 4 days wait is unacceptable Vodafone. Please check my previous post, and again I ask for some assisstance in this matter as my insurance company have been quite reasonable up to this point but they won't wait forever.


I patiently await a reply



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi rollermanjosh,


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, but we are looking to get to everyone as quuickly as possible. We are a small, specialist team, though, and due to high demand at the momentit is taking longer than usual.


I have replied to your other post and sent an email so that we can look to get this sorted for you as quickly as possible.


As there is nothing else I can offer via the public eForum, I'll close this thread, but please reply back to the email so we can get this sorted.



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