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How to create a music playlist for your new Galaxy S3

16: Advanced member

Hi peeps,


I thought I would show you (if you don't already know how to) create a playlist for your S3. By using the tool which is available to download for free from the internet it will allow you to put your songs in their correct order.


  • First off go to oddgravity and download it for free!
  • Next open up the music folders where you have your albums stored or if your albums are still on cd and you wish to rip these for your phone then you can download Exact Audio Copy
  • Once you have the files ripped and ready to go then drag your album folder in to oddgravity and away you go. This will now create a playlist file which you keep in your album folder and then transfer the entire album folder in to your Galaxy.
  • Repeat this process for each album

I created a video which explains it in more depth and I show you step by step how to do it.


Hope this is of some use to you all. Oh it will work for any android phone!





For hints, tips and flashing guides, visit my youtube page
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4: Newbie

Thanks. This was a great help. I will see in time, but up to now, I have created playlists manually and for some reason, after a few days, the playlists are empty, although all the tracks are still on my phone!


On question. the album I created with Oddgravity is in my playlsts now, but it has no album art. Do you know how to add art to the play list thumbnail?



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8: Helper

I've never used Oddgravity so I don't know exactly how you'd get the album artwork on to it. To give you an idea of how I get it on to iTunes, I go to a website like PLAY or Amazon and copy the picture from the album there and paste it into the info for the album on iTunes.


if you could find a way to do that it should work.

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13: Advanced Member
You can always use Media Monkey ( which you can install on WIndows machines.

It will allow you to rename, auto-tag, download album art from various sources, convert etc...

After using this you can then copy to your Android phone and play.

It also has the capability to create playlists that you then can sync/upload to your device.

An all-in-one stop if you like.

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4: Newbie

Thanks B0yce. Will have a look at that.



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