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I can not top up

2: Seeker

Dear Assistance,

I am trying to top up may "pay as you go Vodafone number" using my Vodafone account but I am not able to top up by using my credit card, maybe because it is not a UK credit card..

So I tried to use the Option "Automatic Top Ups" where it is possible to select any kind of Credit Card ( from any Country) but the operation had not success and it appeared the message:

" There's been a technical problem. Please try again later.

 Please change your details and re-register, or try again later ".


So I tried to change my details but it is not possible.


Could you give me assistance to solve this problem?






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8: Helper

I have had this problem myself in the past using a UK credit card.


Have you tried topping up off the Vodafone website?

If not there are other ways to top up, including at an ATM machine or buying voucher at your local store.


Click here to see the different ways to top up

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