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I have an Iphone4 on a monthly contract need a payg for abroad and my daughter to use at weekends

2: Seeker

Hi, I need some help please, re: my Iphone4 on a monthly voda contract, I need a voda micro sim on payg,for my daughter to use at weekends,also to use when abroad, just going round in circles tried in my local voda shop,all I got was a shrug of his shoulders, surely this should be possible as I am not trying to change carrier, I have been with vodafone for 12yrs and have several phones with you,but let me say some of the treatment I have received through customer care and local vodafone shops leaves a lot to be desired. If this kind of service continues I will be going elsewhere.

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Community Champion (Retired)

Some of the Vodafone PAYG options are here:

and you should be able to get these on a micro-sim from any Vodafone shop (at least my local store does them)  Maybe ordering one through the link will be an option although CS are generally very good at sending sims out.


Something to bear in mind is that if you have Vodafone insurance and your phone is lost or stolen when your own sim card in not in the phone the insurance company will not entertain the claim. So if your daughter was using the phone and it was lost you would not have a claim.


Also as using PAYG abroad can be very expensive especially if you / your daughter are downloading any data  make sure you have Data roaming turned off.



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2: Seeker

Thank you for the prompt reply, and for the heads up re: insurance, will look at the link, once again thank you.


Tried the link,but it seems as they are not micro sim, and no way of requesting a micro sim, but thank you mate.

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