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IPhone 4 Not Working With 3G

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I Recently Purchased An IPhone 4 From A Close Friend Of Mine, And Everything Works Perfectly. Except From The 3G. At The Top Of The Phone It Has  A Circle Where The 3G Symbol Should Be, I Have Made Sure That The IPhone's APN Is And Still No Luck.


I Hope This Issue Can Be Resolved.


Thanks A Lot,


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As You an See In The Screenshot, I Have Entered The Correct APN. As I Am Connected To My Home Network The Circle Does Not Show.

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17: Community Champion

The circle as you describe it means you are connected to GPRS which is a lot slower than either Edge or 3G. Did you have a Vodafone before the iPhone? If so what signal did you get on that? If you take the phone to a different location do you get a 3G signal?


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I Had Vodafone Before I Got The IPhone. Yes I Recieve The 3G Signal In Other Locations. But The Thing I Don't Get  Is My Brother, Sister And My Mother All Recieve A 3G Signal Where We Currently Are. All On The Same Network But On Contract.

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Hi RobertF


Hmmm that is odd, have you checked you have the correct internet settings? The quickest way to do this would be to take a look at our internet settings page.


Failing that please try the steps in our Network Troubleshooting thread.





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2: Seeker

I have infact tried these steps, but still no luck, any ideas? My family all have phones also and they are able to recieve a 3G signal, but only 2G works for me.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi RobertF,


If you post the template from the troubleshooting guide, we can check the network in the area to see what’s happening.



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2: Seeker

1). It Happens In My Home Town. There Is No Issue With Service, I Just Don't Get 3G.


2). TD11 3BQ


3). Yes, I Tried My Mothers Sim In My Phone And Same Issue, I Also Tried My Sim In Hers And Same Issue.


4). No


5). I Don't Recieve A 2G Signal, But My Family Recieve 3G With Their Phones.


6). The 3G Doesn't Work, I Just See A Small Circle Where The 3G Is Meant To Be.


7) When I First Got My Phone


8) This Issue Is Permanent, It Happens All The Time Unless I Go Into The City Which Is 20 Or So Miles Away.

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