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Internet !!

2: Seeker
Ok so here's the story. I have never had any problems with Vodafone in the 4 years I have been with them up until now. I have an iPhone 4s which I use everyday for the Internet. I recently moved area and I cannot get the Internet to load and if it does load it takes around 10 mins per page to load. I phone Vodafone to ask for advice the other day and they sent me a few SMS messages with a set of instructions. After following the instructions nothin has changed. Rang back up today and they inform me that 3G is very low in my area. Also my signal keeps disappearing making it hard to text or ring anybody when I want to. Asked for advice on the phone and I am told to switch to 2g which I have and it won't load or if it does it takes forever to load one page. She advises me to get Internet installed into my home and I am u happy because this will cost even more money ! So I said no. Then she suggests going out of the area to use the Internet. I'm at home everyday with my child why would I want to go out of my area just to get on the internet ? I want to use my phone in my home. Then I ask about cancelling my contract. Apparently this will cost over £500 ! I really annoyed. Why am I paying for a service that I can use ? I'm already paying £49 a month at the minimum and do not want to spend any more money than I have to. I don't know what to do. Any advice ?
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2: Seeker
And another thing. They told me on the phone they don't issue out iPhones without checking the area coverage first. The contract is in a friends name and has been for 4 years (tried to change to mine but the numpties on the phone only changed the payment details) but when I ordered the phone I went to collect it myself and they set it all up for me took hours because it would not activate they knew full well the contract was in a friends name and that I had access but not once did they check my address or even ask for it or chel the address on their database. So basically they are saying I shouldn't have moved address that's how I see it.
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17: Community Champion

Its a familiar story I'm afraid. People move house and they find that the Vodafone coverage in their new area is no where near as good as in their old area.


While this is not good for you it isn't Vodafone's fault as you could have checked the coverage maps for yourself to see how the signal was likely to be in your new area.


All networks have areas where the signal is weak and that is something we all have to out up with.


Vodafone are providing a network and it is your circumstances that have changed not theirs. You are unlikely to get any discount on your contract but one of the forum team will be along soon to discuss your situation with you.


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Moderator (Retired)

Hi chloelouise91


Thanks for your post. I can certainly sympathise with your circumstances if you did receive good coverage at your old address but the coverage isn't sufficient for data usage at your new address.


It appears that when you've contacted our customer care team that they have run through all of the options available in terms of trying to make sure that your phone is provisioned correctly for data usage. I appreciate that being advised to go out of the area to use data may seem a little far fetched, however the network is still available for voice, text and data and will be a little slower as it's on 2G rather than 3G.


You can check your network coverage here - Vodafone Coverage Checker - along with future upgrades in the area. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for a change in your personal circumstances so we're unable to offer an early termination of your contract without the early termination fee.





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