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K3565 Modem & Windows 7

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I have just got a K3565 Rev 2 dongle on a PAYG sim and I am trying ot make it work on Windows 7 Home Prem

I have read all the other threads on this forum and tried lots of solutions

Latest Version of VMC Lite and full , Starting windows with the dongle in, Uninstalling and installing the drivers, reconfigering the port number, different usb ports but none have worked for me

When I first plug in the device Win 7 recognises the USB storage device and the port but always fails on the 3g Modem ( see pic 1) sometimes saying device unplugged

My problem looks like the device driver won't load - In the device manager I get a yellow warning on the device with the windows failed to load the drivers code 31 error (see pic 2)

VMC detects the device and sees it active but can not use it to connect to a network (3 bar strength) - see pic 3

Any advice on how to get this working would be appreciated

Many Thanks
Moderator (Retired)
Hi Iangwm

Firstly Welcome to the forum! :) I'm sure you will have a great time and hope you will stay a while.

There has been some investigation over this issue under Windows 7. It is suspected that it’s to do with an in correct registry key, this is the information that we have received from our support teams.

Just to make you aware we are not Microsoft accredited and are not responsible to any issues that arise from this information please create a back up before changing system files.

Error Code 31: This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

A workaround has been given to correct this registry key issue:

Before uninstalling and reinstalling the modem driver, you will need to add or modify your registry files.

For customers with internet access please download and double click the following registry file and begin the process below at step 6.
1. Go to start menu
2. Run ‘regedit’
3. Open this key
4. In this key, find the “Installer32” string.
5. If the Microsoft Registration Key is missing, the key has to be added manually.
6. Create a “string” value named “Installer32”, and set it to “mdminst.dll,ClassInstall32”
5. Save the ‘regedit’
6. Open the device manage
7. Find the modem with problem; update the modem driver again by reinstalling VMC 9.4.4

If you’re having any difficulties please come reply back to us

Best Wishes

eForum Team

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