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K4505 USB Stick VMC Lite install issues under Windows 7 Home Premium

2: Seeker



I have just changed my laptop from a WinXP Fujitsu to an HP Win7 x64. My previously working K4505 USB stick now won't install.


On insertion, the stick is recognised and I get prompted to run setup_vmc_lite.exe. I believe that the stick software level is VMC Lite Upon running the setup_vmc_lite executable I get an error message


1158: Error populating strings: Verify that all strings in setup.ini are correct


The problem is unlikely to be SIM or hardware as it all works on the WinXP machine.  My guess is that it is something to do with Win7 64 bit.


Has anyone seen this before or got any suggestions?


My OS is Win 7 64 bit SP1 build 7601


Many thanks



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Ian_Steward,


As you say, the fact the dongle works on the older PC points to the issue not lying with that or the SIM card. The K4505 is compatible with Windows 7, so it is not a specific compatibility issue.


Can you try downloading the latest software version from the site for me and see if you are able to use the dongle once that is installed?



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2: Seeker



Downloaded the latest version of software and installed on the W7x64 laptop.  No issues with the install and the stick seems to be working fine.


Obviously the install routine of the version of VMC Lite on the stick is incompatible with my version of Windows.


Alls well that ends well.!!





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