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Looses signal

4: Newbie

I have an odd problem.

I received my iPhone 4S 16GB White on Saturday 18th, the sim was activated on Monday 20th and my number ported over the next day.


When I am at home, I get a pretty steady 3 bars of signal. That is, until I pick the phone up. When I do, the signal drops even if I only pick it up a few millimeters and do not move it.


If I pick it up to send a text or similar then I will, over the course of 60 seconds or so loose all signal and the handset displays "Searching" then "No Service".


If I answer a call it will drop to one bar but not actually loose all signal.


I am heading out in a bit so I will test it in other locations but I was wondering if any users had this problem?


I have read all about the iPhone 4 "deathgrip" issues but I read that was resolved in the 4S by antenna switching.

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4: Newbie

Well I was out and about. I stopped somewhere and had 5 bars of signal. As soon as I picked up the phone it dropped 2 bars.

When I put it down again, 5 bars came back.


This is odd...

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17: Community Champion

It is a well documented fault with the iPhone.


The problem is to do with the aerial placement inside the phone. As you hold the phone your hand obstructs the signal, - Grip of Death!


Simply buy a "Bumper" surround for the phone, and the problem will go away!


Bumper case



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