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Memory Full Message on Galaxy Ace

3: Seeker

Hi all,

yesterday I tried to download a couple of apps from android market but instead of downloading 2 or 3, the little download icon showed it was downlopading 10 at once!

Tried to stop it but something happened, like a crash and now my internal memory has go from around 99mb of/in use to 182mb with very little to none mb left!

I tried unistalling the apps that went heywire (the 10 or so) yet I cannot find them anywhere in memory. Not even in the unistall list, yet the memory reads full.

I unistalled a few apps on memory that I downloaded previously to lossen the collar but to no avail.

Since then, I have had nothing but my phone beeping with messages saying memory full and receiving text messages with cannot recieve message as memory full.

I already had the memory 2 micro card app but that only does so much, and none were available to move anyhow.

So where is all this memory gone, how do I get it back. Do I have to "factory set" the phone?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Help would be very grateful.


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16: Advanced member

Ummm strange one sometimes when you open the market it will start a update another app.

When you on about memory were are you reading this are you on about storage or the phones RAM


Yes Doing a factory reset will wipe any dodge apps, and when you log back into the market it will only update what is needed 

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3: Seeker

Hi thanks for the reply. I am talking about storage. The apps, didn't seem dodgy as they were all reviewed (childrens education apps). I use Net Qin Antivirus on my android and all seems fine with no virus reproted when updated and scanned.

I would just like to know where all the data's gone?

To add to the mysery, I earlier received before the warning messages a message from Vodafone saying I have nearly used up all my 500mb data. I only restarted my monthly period last week (5th July). So I don;t know whats happened there. I didn't download that much and always turned off packet data when not in use.


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16: Advanced member

Using 500mb is easy Google maps,Youtube, facebook

Or a roge app i would start from scratch when turning your daa off you need to make sure 3g does not show.

Have a look in your myfiles and look at the internal storage if there is nothing there then it is possible it could be a Cache problem 

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3: Seeker

Thanks again.

I've already checked through "my files" and found nothing there. I thought it was a cache problem too.

Never mind, fresh re installation should do it ;-)

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