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Mobile Broadband - A Data Connection is Not Currently Allowed

just what does this message mean?

"A data connection is not currently allowed", I am nowere near my data download limit?
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Moderator (Retired)
Hi Mordak5,

Can you provide a little more information for me? We don't stop data connectivity when your standard data cap is met, with the exception of the Euro browsing cap, so knowing what the situation is would help to understand why you're getting this.

If possible, can you confirm the following:

- Are you a contract or pay as you go customer, and are you browsing at home or abroad?

- Have you browsed abroad recently?

- Which dongle or handset are you attempting to connect on?

- If a phone, can you still make calls and send texts on it?

- Are you trying to set up a cellular or WiFi connection?

- What are you trying to run when you get this error?

- Do you have issues with any other apps?

With a little more background, I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this.:)


eForum Team

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I also experienced the "data connection not currently allowed" tonight while in a football stadium. what does this mean?

Generally have not been able to use any data services on 3 or 4 occasions now (at football), while people all around are using smartphone data apps without any apparent issue?

data apps work normally away from the stadium (cell & wifi)
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