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Mobile broadband sim

2: Seeker



I requested a pay as you go sim from Vodafone and recieved a 'mobile broadband sim' so put it in my HTC HD2 phone and tried calling the new number on another phone and it says 'the number you've dialed has not been recognised'??


Can this not be used in a htc phone?



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17: Community Champion



You would not have been sent a mobile broadband SIM, mobile broadband SIMs come with the dongle as part of the package.


You need to activate the SIM by texting to 9770 or by calling 17298.  As soon as the SIM is activated, you will be able to top up, make calls and send texts, and register for your online account.


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2: Seeker

I've dialed that number and it comes back on the home screen and makes a bleeping noise?


Do you need credit to call?

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17: Community Champion

If you have dialled the number, your SIM should now be activated.


Try calling 2345 which is the top up line.   If it connects, you will know the SIM is activated.  It should only now be necessary to add some credit to start using the service.


You will be able to find all the ways to top up on the following link from the website.


Topping Up Support

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2: Seeker

hi there i had the same problem with the wildfire s and all of the above setting did not work for me. 

so i did some soul searching and came up with the correct settings 

here you go 

in add new apn as usual


Name: vodafone internet


User Name: wap

Password: wap


MMS Proxy:

MMS Port:8799

Protocall: wap 2.0


MNC 15


save apn and load google job done 

hope this helps


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14: Advanced member

 I had 2 sent out by mistake as well. You can pick these data only sims for tablets that take sim cards.



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