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My Galaxy s2 will not charge or even when does charge it does not charge!

4: Newbie

My Galaxy s2 will not charge or even when does charge (shows its charging but it doesnt)


Its been on for 12 hours and its still not gone up.


Sometimes it will not connect to the charger then when it does its on and off - think I may need to take it in for repair

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16: Advanced member

Mine did exact same last week...put it aside and used iphone until i could get time to look at it...3 days later came back to it planning to see about a repair and it works fine :s


No idea why...but its fine now, charging perfectly

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4: Newbie
I have ordered a new battery - am going to try that and do reset otherwise off for repair. How long does that take though? Do not have another phone!
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17: Community Champion

A repair may take several days, if you have Vodafone insurance a "loan" handset may be available.


How do I arrange for my phone to be Repaired?


Can I use Vodafone repair service?


Hope that helps?


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4: Newbie



No insurance unfortunately. I will have to go to the shop tomorrow and send it off as its a nightmare!

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17: Community Champion



Don't forget to take your Charger with you as this will need to be tested also!


It might pay you to right out a covering letter outlining the problem and exactly what happens.


Let us know how you get on :smileywink:

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16: Advanced member

Sounds like the battery needs re calerbrating

I would let the battery run right down

Then do not turn the phone on just plug the charger in and you should get a battery logo saying charging

Leave the phone to charge then when finished pul the charger out and it should boot up if not wait 30 secounds

Then plug charger back in it should show full

Press the power and it should boot up

This is a strange way and there is a more complex way but this seems to work

Now there is another more drastic way (does not hurt phone )

With phone on remove back cover and with screen on remove battery

wait 30 secounds then put the battery back in


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