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N95 8gb Camera Problem

4: Newbie
Hi,my N95 seems to have developed a little problem. Yesterday evening I was about to take a picture with my N95 8GB when I got a message saying "unexpected device error" and "turn off and restart phone" might not be exact words but something similar. So I did as I was told and turned off my phone and restarted it. Now in camera mode the screen is locked into landscape mode and will not rotate to portrait, the accelerator is working in gallery,maps,music and all the other apps I've tried. I've tried turning off and taking out the battery and the press green+3+* reset and it still has the same fault. The phone came with software version v20.0.016 and its been fine for the last 11 months. Just hope it not the first sign of a larger problem. I love this phone and would hate to be without it working at its top performance.

Any help gratefully received. :D
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4: Newbie
I've just replied to your original query;#entry167199
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Moderator (Retired)
Hi Yeti,

As this query is already being dealt with in the thread above, I'll be closing this duplicate down :)


eForum Team

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