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NUC Code

2: Seeker

So a couple of years ago or more I moved to vodafone and brought my phone with me , the end of last year I got a better deal with an upgrade from another supplier , this left me with my old phone ( iphone 5)

So I thought I'd sell it , but the person who has bought it put a sim in only to find vodaphone have locked it ??

Why have they locked a phone to their network that was not theirs ?

So I completed the NUC form so my buyer can unlock it to put their sim in

Oh, low and behold Vodafone do not recognise the EMEI number , hmmmm how can they lock a phone to their network and have no record of it ??

Trying to get to speak to anyone on this matter is rediculous, how can a simple number be so hard to get of hold of ...when its my phone in the first place

Appreantly you can not speak to the NUC team its via mail only - so who knows when I will get a reply or even a number

i just want the phone unlocked so my buyer can use it to the sim they have ,

does anyone have any advice on how to get this NUC number from vodaphone , any contact names or numbers that can help , rather me sat waiting for a reply via email

Makes me glad I have left this network now,


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17: Community Champion

IPhones supplied by a network are already locked to them @Blossom110

IPhone's supplied by Carphone Warehouse used to lock out to the first sim card placed in it. 

If a phone hasn't been used on a Network for a while then its IMEI Number can drop off its systems.Reinserting the sim card and using it again helps reinstate this. 

Vodafone can only unlock a phone that was originally supplied by them.

Who was your previous network prior to Vodafone and did they supply you the iPhone may I ask ? What Network is the new owner trying to use ? I'm trying to clear up if MVNO networks are being used which work off various main Networks.

Its right that the Nuc Unlocking Department isn't customer facing. Either customer service escalate issues to them or supply you an email address. There is no public telephone number for them. You would be wasting your time in trying to acquire one. 

I would question if Vodafone has locked it to begin with as this isn't something they would commonly do.

A check via checkmend would show its status or An Apple Online Chat Advisor or Genius Bar Employee might check the database for you too to check its status. 

An easy way for the new owner to unlock to all networks is to get a Vodafone payg sim card and use it in the phone for 30 days making calls etc and then use the new Payg details to request its unlock. 


An iPhone is not unlocked via inputting an unlocking code like other phone makes are, but instead is unlocked remotely via Apple and their Database. The Vodafone Network typically lets a person know it's unlocking has been requested to Apple after accepting your online unlock request. (Please Check Spam Inboxes too) The iPhone isn't actually unlocked at this stage. Apple then process the Networks request and occasionally this can take approximately up to 30 days sometimes to complete an unlock request made by a Network. Please Periodically insert an active Alternative Networks Sim Card in the iPhone and hooking up to iTunes is only typically needed if its an iPhone 4 or older. When it's unlocked you should see a pop up message and the alternatives Networks name will show in the iPhone's status bar. From the iPhone 5 onwards there's not normally the need to hook up to iTunes to complete the process.


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2: Seeker

thanks for the reply

The message is that only a vodafone sim can be used , so I presume they are the ones to unblock it

I suppose its a waitng game to see if they send the request to apple, and keep trying the new sim  - its just so frustrating that all you want to do is check they have this is progress thats all rather than hear nothing at all and sending emails into a blackhole

It amazed me when I completed the NUC form it back back as EMEI number incorrect whcih I know it is right so how can they say they do not recognise it but the phone says its locked by vodafone

All very strange to me , its as though they do this so people have to pay and get a vodafone sim - does make me wonder  

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@Blossom110 I'm sorry to hear you've had problems unlocking your phone. 

We'll be happy to look into this and will do our best to get your network unlock code (NUC) to you. 

I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us 😊

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