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No Service Annoyance

4: Newbie


I seem to have been having problems for a couple of weeks lately within my home where I seem get No Service on my iPhone 4.

I have to turn it off and back on again to get a signal that is good enough to make a call or a text but I have to be completely still, otherwise the connection drops and then I am staring at No Service again.

Its not a death grip issue as I have a transparent casing for the iPhone 4. If I am outside I get signal but inside I don't and it hasn't always been like this, it has only been happening in the past couple of weeks. I still have No Service whilst I am typing this out and I've moved around my house but no joy.


I have looked into purchasing a "Vodafone Sure Signal" box but I am hesitant to purchase one for £50.00 just to improve the signal inside my home. Whilst another person in my house has a TalkTalk Sim Card and gets a decent signal almost all the time on a 3 year old Samsung phone, and as far as I am aware TalkTalk uses Vodafone for their network services?

I am not sure if it just might be the iPhone 4 that is the problem?

I am running iOS 4.3.3 and not jailbroken.



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16: Advanced member

If the service was OK, and only been present for a couple of weeks, there's a chance it may be a site issue. If you let the mods know your full postcode they can check this for you.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hey adamnorton,


Many thanks for sharing your signal experiences with us. I'm sure this is hugely frustrating for you.


Can you confirm the issue is for 3G, 2G or both, please?


I've checked your profile postcode and can see 3G is quite variable in your locality. Our systems indicate you should be getting 'outdoor' coverage for 3G and even that is 'patchy' at best.


The site that provides 3G to your postcode is referenced 36074. It's over to your Northwest at Milton in Weston-Super-Mare on the junction of St.Jude's Terrace and Bristol Road. I'm obviously unsure if you are familiar with this area with it being approximately 4 miles as the crow flies. Call and data statistics for this site appear to be perfect for the last hour or so.


The 2G site that serves your area is even further away at a 5 mile distance. It's on Worlebury hill, I'm guessing because it's the only one that can reach you. Do you live in a valley by any chance? The site reference is 247 and stats for this site appear to be almost perfect for the last hour.


Can you try switching the handset to 2G only for me? More details of how to do this can be found in our iPhone Help Centre. Just pick your model, then select 'Network' and finally 'how do I switch my handset to GSM only?'


It's probably worth noting that Sure Signal could very well be a worthwhile investment for you.





eForum Team

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