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Nokia Lumia 800 Vouchers

3: Seeker

Hi, it's been two weeks since I've got my Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia and Vodaphone have a site that you can go to: "" where users get free vouchers starbucks, music and 4 others.


Everytime I try to register for this, when I put in my IMEI number it says "code not valid" and I can't register.

Has anyone else had this problem, and how do fix this so I can register.




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3: Seeker
It just says "Sorry but the code is not valid", and no information on how to fix this.
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16: Advanced member

more info in the lumia forum here - there is a support number if you are having trouble in the terms and conditions FAQ on the website.

Note you have to wait until after 14days of purchasing to process for the vouchers, others have been having problems with the IMEI number so give the support number a call (not Vodafone) and they can capture your details and escalate if necessary.

This worked for me

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