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Nokia back to their best 808 PureView

4: Newbie



What do people think of this beast 41 megapixel...epic wonder how many photos you can get in the memory card lol


Nice size though and looks well built...

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16: Advanced member
Only one problem, its on symbian (not a problem for some but most)

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17: Community Champion

Most photo's you will be taking with this will be in the 8mpx size range due to the clever way the nokia camera uses it's pixels to oversample the data, resulting in significant noise reduction


And as said it's symbian even tho belle has finaly shown what that OS can be, and the 808 will be running Clara.

The phone is also a bit plastic 

thinking about it I'll stick with my N8


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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4: Newbie
I think most of the phones are going back to that plasticy feel about them.

Shame with the technology in metals and synthetic materials nowadays.
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