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Pac code

4: Newbie

i have been phoning for the past hour and just cannot get through.


i need my PAC code as im moving to the same provider as the wife so i need my PAC code.


I know it a bit bust today due to the iphone 5 bould could do with the code asap if anyone can help



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4: Newbie

I just called 191 from my mobile and chose the option for a call back.


Got a call back in 10 mins and was given my PAC code over the phone.



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi dhallam56,


Can I ask if you have managed to get this sorted?


If not, please follow the instructions on the PM that I have sent to you and we can get the PAC for you.


You can find your PM inbox here.



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12: Established

If you have an online account, you can go to your account and retrieve your code there too....

Part time Vodafone customer, Full time Blackberry & Apple beta tester and iOs Dev....
Proud iPhone 4S, 5 and iPad 3 owner Follow Me On Twitter: MaxdMerc
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