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Paygo sim only, no credit expiration

4: Newbie

Does Voda offer anything like this ?


I have three modems kicking about unused, one of them with full 15 quid in credit which has expired a long time ago. Useless...


I dont need broadband as such, however owning a Tab i occasionally have to go on the web via 3g, in which case i have to make a mobile AP on my phone, which only has 500mb limit.


So, here's the question: can i get a pay-as-you-go sim card to use in my Samsung Galaxy Tab, where i can top up and not lose credit in a month... ?


And, no, i'm not interested in contract...

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17: Community Champion

Credit does not expire, but the SIM needs to be kept active with a regular chargeable call/mobile broadband connection.


If the SIM is not used for 170 days, it is suspended for non use but you are able to get the number back by topping us and using the  number.  If it is not used for a total of 270 days, you lose the number, plus any credit.





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15: Advanced member

I wonder if the OP is asking about the old non-expiring Mobile Broadband SIMs, in which case they are no longer available from Vodafone.


If you put £15 on a new standard PAYG 3G SIM (i.e. 2GB allowance) and use it for just a day on business, after 29 more days you will lose the data allowance. That's a very expensive day out!


You can get NON-expiring SIMs second-hand from Ebay but they cost about £50 usually and there is always the risk they are expired beyond use. 




PLEASE  Vodafone have some sense and bring back the non-expiring SIMs and show you still have a marketing differentiator - the new bosses are making you into vanilla fudge

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