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Phones 4 U Buyout

4: Newbie

I have been bought out of my contract in the past by phones 4 u (Orange to Vodafone) and got cash back. I would like to do it again as I want to get a Magic but I cannot upgrade until September and I'm very impatient. My question is, does anyone know if P4U will buy out a Vodafone contract for another Vodafone contract?

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4: Newbie
Probably. They get an incentive for every new connection so it's worth asking.
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I can appreciate your impatience here as the Magic is a brilliant phone! :D

I’m honestly not 100% sure about them buying out a Vodafone contract for a Vodafone contract though and it’s something you’d be best to check with Phones 4U directly.

All the best,

eForum Team

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4: Newbie
Thanks for your replies. I have checked with them and they will buy out my existing contract .
The commission must be a lot for selling a new contract if they will pay me £100 to take it
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Yes - they upgraded my phone from 6100 to Magic for same monthly contract, more minutes, free internet, the usual and gave me £50 for the old phone. Mint. Only problem is I wish I'd kept the old phone now as the signal on the Magic is desperate compared to the standard phones. Also got connection issues with mine that I'm not sure is phone or SIM. Good looking phone with loads of toys but pain in the backside.

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