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Removing Apps

2: Seeker

The guy from HTC that voada told me to ring actually suggested reflashing the phone.. which i thought was a little ironic.]

It's worth poining out that if it's running HTC firmware, then the warranty is still valid with the manufacturer for a year for any faults and defects. The HTC support line is very helpful.


Seems they're a bit sick of getting people calling them after voda CS don't seem to have the balls to actually answer a simple question. I had a CS rep from voda say to me "I'm sorry, the senior Tech support guys dont want to answer the question, they're trying to get me to fob you off.. I don't know what else I can do..."

Which kinda clinched it for me...


It's also worth noting that although VF say it's 7 days, the consumer credit act clearly says there's a 14 day cooling off period.



"Cooling off and your right to cancel

You will benefit from a cooling off period if the credit agreement was made in one of the following ways:

  1. For agreements signed away from the creditor’s normal business premises – i.e. at your home, place of work or at an exhibition stand
  2. For agreements made at a distance (this also includes banking, insurance, pensions and investments)
  3. For financial products and services marketed by an intermediary or broker (even where this is face to face)

For agreements which fall under (1), you will have a cooling off period of 5 days, which begins from the time you receive the second copy of the agreement (containing the cancellation form). For contracts which fall under (2) and (3), you benefit from a 14 day cooling off period (30 days for life insurance and personal pensions). Unlike the cooling off period for goods bought under the Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs), the creditor may make a reasonable charge for any service (such as insurance cover) which was operating during this time.

There are specific guidelines on how you should cancel the contract, which must be notified to you by the creditor before or immediately after the contract is made. If the creditor does not make this information available to you, then your cooling off period will not begin until this happens."

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2: Seeker

I'm probably wrong but I think the vodafone warranty is for the length of your contract so although you get the htc 1 year warranty your still losing out.

Flashing your phone isn't really difficult, as long as you follow the instructions, I did it on my Magic. Still hoping that vodafone release the stock firmware for the phone so that we, the paying customer, don't have to jump through hoops.

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4: Newbie

Unfortunately little progress at lunch attempting to call 7 stores in my area, 4 had no answerphone at all, 1 said they don't check messages and the other 2 I was able to leave messages on and "would receive a call back as soon as possible"


after half an hour of failing to speak to anyone I called 191 again and this time found out that a) this whole process (return phone, wait, get phone from store) takes around 10 days! B) that stores can check each others stock, so instead of phoning all these stores again I'll be going into town after work and paying the local store a visit

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2: Seeker

I've just got 2.2 Froyo (part 1 of 2) poshed to my HTC Magic.. so all hope may not be lost!


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4: Newbie

Huzzah! found a nearby store that had "open market" stock and took it out on an additional line on my same tariff, just waiting for the returns bag for the original one then all should be sorted

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2: Seeker


I'm afraid that you won't be able to uninstall this as it is locked into the firmware. However, don't worry because it doesn't cost anything and you don't have to use it. It's just there in case you did :smileyhappy:"


I'm not sure that this is fair OR valid.

We can't use it - it doesn't work.  And it's taking up room!


So if you buy a house only to find half the living room taken up by a pile of bricks all cemented together, only to be told "sorry, you can't take them down - it's an extension, but you don't have to use it, it's there in case you did"


That's valid is it?

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jw 2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I finally received my new HTC Desire HD after first delivering my one with a faulty battery cover and a battery that didn’t fit in the phone, I realised that they must have sent me one that had already been returned as the second one I got was packed completely differently and better.


Anyway the main issue is all the rubbish (bloatware) that Vodafone have installed on my phone. I will never use any of these things and it seems that they can’t be removed.


Vodafone is there a way of removing all this ######? If not can you release an update how to?


They are filling up my main apps menu, I have:


360 My Web – Rubbish, I’ll never use this

360 Shop – Rubbish, I’ll never use this

360 Update – Rubbish, I’ll never use this

7 different game demos that last 90 seconds then try and get you to buy, even if you don’t want to buy them you can never remove the 7 icons from your apps menu!!! Ridiculous.


And why do you feel the need to force me to buy from your 360 shop and force these apps and game demos on me!


Very annoyed.

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16: Advanced member
There's no way, no. This is why you shouldn't get an handset from an Operator as this is the norm these days. Always get one from a 3rd party to get SIM free versions without all the gumpf
HTC One X (S720e)
ROM: 3.14.401.31 (JRO03C)
HBOOT: 1.39.0000 | Recovery: Stock
Radio: 5.1204.162.29 | Kernel: Stock
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2: Seeker

It really is a crying shame, HTC have designed a very good phone, Google have designed a very very good operating system, but Vodafone have decided to spoil it by messing with the firmware. When are you going to learn that the whole point of Android is that it is NOT a walled garden and people like the ability to choose exactly what they have on their phone. If I wanted constraints I would have gone to Apple and I bet they don't allow you to put ###### applications onto the Ip4!


Vodafone, you are taking liberties that will affect your client base. Far from endearing you to me, this issue is making me seriously consider whether I will stay with you after this contract runs out. I am sure I am not the only one!


The fact that you have already gone through this with the Desire is laughable, please learn from your mistakes!

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