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Samsung Galaxy S - Is It Possible To Change The Default Search Engine?

4: Newbie
how do i remove the vodafone 360 search engine and make google or mozilla default
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16: Advanced member
are you using the internet browser ? is so you need to set your home page to Google

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12: Established
You mean the branding removes google as the default search engine?

Press and hold down the menu button to bring up the search window, put in a word and see what search engine it uses.

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Moderator (Retired)
Hello janap

Please can you get back to us with an update as to whether you've managed to perform the trouble shooting processes as posted above? I'm keen to see what other options we can explore for you, as well as possible considering a different browser.


Reidar :ph34r:

eForum Team

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16: Advanced member
I tried it and mine is using Google fine and has the google voice search on

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