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Samsung Galaxy S2 randomly rebooting & other quirks

4: Newbie

Is anyone else having this problem? Every now and then the phone reboots itself. It doesn't seem to be a full reboot. Also i'm noticing the wifi and 3g signals are very weak. Also when i leave the house the phone switches to 3g fine but when i come back it loses everything. Won't reconnect to wifi and also loses 3g.

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16: Advanced member

Have you just updated this recently?

The Galaxy S has the same problem after the up date, But this is a Android 2.3.3 problem as it effected the Nexus S but they got 2.3.4 as a fix samsung no about the fault but they s

till rool out the firmware 

Even there new flagship model is doiung it, I bet there are so red faces at Samsung But whi did Vodafone not spot this 

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2: Seeker

This has been happening randomly within a couple of days of getting the phone - had it for around 2 weeks now.


First time I thought it was weird, second time I was a bit worried, did it for a third time today and contacted Vodafone to demand a replacement. If that one does the same, I'll be switching to something else. Doesn't fill me with optimism for 2 years with it.


Turned itself off today and I thought it had run out of battery (poor battery life another issue). Plugged it in to charge but the battery charging screen didn't come up. After about an hour thought this is strange. Wouldn't power on. Tried pulling the battery a couple of times still nothing. Eventually came on after about the 10th attempt. Really unhappy anout this so waiting for somebody in Vodafone to come back to me to arrange replacement. Spoke to guy in India this evening, and he did not fill me with confidence. He says somebody will be in touch, but I have a strange feeling he might have just been trying to get me off the phone as I was angry after he suggested I send the phone off for a repair (??!!)


Has anybody else experienced this issue?

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16: Advanced member

were duplicating posts there is one running called SGS 2 keeps rebooting 


Mods can you merge this please cheers

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12: Established

No such problems here, try a factory reset or gradually remove 3rd party apps in case a rouge one's causing you issues.



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2: Seeker

I disagree that my issue is the same. Mine is not rebooting.


It turns itself off completely and then will not turn on, sometimes for hours, despite pulling the battery multiple times.


I assume by rebooting you mean it goes and then back on again??


I am concerned about this. I've just been told that I'd get a nearly new handset as a replacement and lost the plot with them. Why should I be made to suffer if a handset they have supplied turns out be faulty? That's no way to treat a customer. If it is not resolved, I will walk away from Vodafone and fight the cancellation charges etc. on the grounds that they supplied me with a handset that was not up to my expectations ie. stayed turned on. Not too much to ask now, is it?


I've been around the block, and I know the score with new handsets. I remember going through around 5 of a particular SE handset years ago as they were rushed out too quickly without sufficient testing. I suspect this might just be one dodgy handset, but even so, they have to make allowances for when that happens. It's not fair to expect the customer to accept something less than what they expected when they signed up for the contract - a brand new, fully functioning handset.

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4: Newbie
They've offered a nearly new replacement!? That's terrible.
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16: Advanced member

This is were your Samsung Guarantee comes in.

As for Vodaphone the ones they replace are phones only that have come back in the cool off time and have nothing wrong these are known as A Grade, Any that come back faulty have to go back to Samsung there not aloud by Law to fix them and sell them, Known in the industry as re-working, With the older Galaxy s people were sending 8gig ones back and getting 16gig as a replacement.


Now if you want this sorting fast Your local service centre can sort this, If its a Major problem as its under warranty then they send it to a Tier one service centre in London or Glasgow who then replace the whole phone, Now this take a Max of five days and you can track this all the way and is a brand new phone your imi number is also transferred this does not void any warranty , were as Vodafone can take 14 days, But as this is a new phone I don't think they will have any sent back yet 


They have to tell you by law that the phone is not a new one to comply with all the rules and regulations  

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2: Seeker

Hi Northern DJ and thanks for your indepth response.


I am aware that I have the repair option open to me, either through Vodafone themselves or directly to Samsung.


However, as stated earlier, I do feel that Vodafone have a fundemental responsibility to me as THEIR customer. It doesn't wash with me to direct me towards Samsung and wash my hands of the problem. If you bought a car and the engine wouldn't start within 2 weeks of buying it, you'd take it back to the dealer you bought it from. Same thing applies here.


In fact, I was actually told by one of the Retention Officers during the upgrade process that Vodafone are the only company that will offer a replacement handset for the life of the contract should something go wrong with it that was not the fault of the customers. As I pointed out, surely that practically replaces an insurance policy to which she replied that insurance would cover accidental damage, or being lost or stolen. This reassured me knowing how problematic newly released handsets can be and having experienced similar issues in the past.


Perhaps I'm being dramatic here, but I have patiently waited for this upgrade for a long time, even more so because of the length of time Vodadfone took to make this handset available compared to other providers. They processed my upgrade weeks before I received the handset (so I was paying for something I didn't even have), which in itself was a source of tension during my call earlier today as the guy I spoke to from the call centre told me (paraphrased) that they couldn't give me a new handset as I've already had it a month. Reality is I've had it around 2 weeks (maybe to the day), and it started its mysterious turning-itself-off within a day or two, but I felt like I needed to monitor the situation in case it was a one-off before contacting them. It really seems like you can't win sometimes, especially when, as I think is well documented, there is no consistent response to the same issue.


If any Vodafone moderators are reading this, could you please contact me as I have had a missed call and a voicemail from somebody in the call centre asking me to phone them back - now I don't know how many people you have in your call centre/s, but I'm guessing the chance of me actually speaking to the person who was supposed to be dealing with this is minimal. I'm guessing the plan is to give me the runaround till I lose interest but that is not going to happen.


So, can somebody in the UK in high-level customer service please contact me because I don't want to still be doing this in a month's time,





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Moderator (Retired)

Hi davebetter

I can appreciate your post and where your coming from here.


I'm quite surprised that a retention advisor would say that to you,  usually we honour repairing the device for the lifetime of the contract  as usually a manufactures warranty is for 12 months  and on 18 and 24 contracts  Vodafone will honour the rest.

However I can check your account notes and if the advisor has said this then we will honour it.

I've sent you an email so we can investigate this for you.

eForum Team 



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1: Seeker


I am also facing same problem with my famsung galaxy s 2.

Vodafone suggests me to change the battery...

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