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Samsung NOTE + Free tab

4: Newbie



Im currently on a vodafone 24 month contract which is coming to its end, in fact since the 22nd of July I have been eligible for an upgrade.


I am really tempted by the NOTE as all the feedback is great, in fact i do not recall seeing any bad feedback, apart from some childish comments about its size.  I really beleive in the next couple of years there will be a bunch of phones this size. I also think the stylus (or s pen) looks a great tool..


Ive seen a deal on a different website which includes a fre Nexus 7 tablet whic is something i really am tempted by.  Does anyone know if Vodafone have any similar deals?  Id prefer to stay with them if possible as I have always been happy with the serivce.


Am temped to wait for the Note 2 but I suspect on my tarrif I would need to pay £90 upwards, and to be honest I am just not that fussed.  I did nearly go for the Galaxy S3 but , well its just a phone, where the NOTE is more than that...



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6: Helper
I don't know of on any special offers but I am sure one of the tech team will contact you to see what they can do to retain you with Vodafone.

Regarding size, the laughter/shock/stagger reaction is the main one I get, often followed by it's too big. I have a gel case and that pushes the weight up to 210 grams, which doesn't sound much although I find too much for a cargo style leg th pocket.
For n Android phone not many negatives, Samsung USB socket maybe suspect top moisture put claimed to be.
Vodafone software updates are slow. I find the data very slow, not sure if that is just my address.

The Swype predictive text made some of the mistakes in my message
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4: Newbie

Thanks Jules!


The size is the strength and weakness, but overall i think its a big positive and I am sure there will be many more phones of this size in the coming months.  The Note seems to have sold very well.    I was tempted to go for the S3 now I can get the Nexus 7inch Tab as part of the deal, but its £100 more and tbh, I still think i prefer the NOTE.  If i had the Tab i wouldnt need such a big phone but I am not going to pay that much for the S3.


Hopefully someone from VF will get in touch.



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16: Advanced member

Hi PaulD76


The early upgrade policy currently allows you to upgrade 75 days before the end of your contract. The @VodafoneUKDeals team will be able to take a look at the options available for you. They are a small and quite popular team so please be patient.  Simply follow the instructions in this link and they'll be in touch. Please do bear in mind that any time remaining on your current contract will be added onto your new contract.




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4: Newbie
Thanks Drey_P. I have followed your advise and sent an email.. will wait patiently now
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4: Newbie
Well I got my reply, it just told me when my contract expires (already new that) and when i can upgrade (already new this) and to call the upgrade line.... so really it didnt help me in anyway...

Doesnt feel they are trying to retain my trade to be honest.
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi PaulD76,


I've found your email and it looks like the code was in complete, so it went to Customer Services instead of our dedicated team.


I'll get your details over to our guys. There's no-one in this evening but someone will try to contact you within the next 24 hours to see what they can offer.



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4: Newbie
Thanks Dave - I had a call on Friday so I appreciate your assistance.
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4: Newbie
Does anyone know if Voda buy mobiles . I'm on a contract with an iPhone 4s . I wound like to swap for a Samsung galaxy note. Any ideas anyone ?
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4: Newbie

Does  anyone know if Voda do a buy back on a phone while in contract with view to exchange, I am looking to get a Galaxy note instead of my iphone 4s I have, My contract with voda does not expire anytime soon, THanks,

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17: Community Champion

Vodafone does have a buy back programme here at but there are lots of places that will buy used phones from you. Search the net and get the best price you can.


But Vodafone doesn't have an exchange programme. If you want a Galaxy Note you will have to buy it for yourself and use it with the current contract. You could use the proceeds from the sale to fund buying yourself out of the current contract and taking out a new one for a new handset.


You have a few choices. Good luck!


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