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Samsung galaxy ace wap/apn/mobile internet settings

4: Newbie



Having upgraded my sons phone from pay as you go to monthly contract i found its not connecting to the internet other then via wifi so i did a search to change the settings as i notice the only option is the orginal payg internet.


i found this on your forum but it won't work still with these settings


is there another set of settings i need to use, can i just input the same settings i have on my samsung galaxy s2 onto my sons ace or does it need to be specific ace settings?

thanks in advance :0)

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi nappleton


I am surprised to see that those settings didn't work on your son's phone.

If you can try the settings that you have on your phone as we know that these work that would be fantastic.

Please let me know how you get on.



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16: Advanced member

The phone basics are the same as the s2

But Vodafone has two servers one for pay as you go and one for pay as you go

The settings are here

Line 11 is the main area that needs to be added

My son has this phone and has two sim cards one Vodafone and one three and i had to put these settings in

the other thing is you need to make sure that its set up and turned on

yes i no its pay as you go but it can be turned off or if the simm came out of a non smart phone

Martain can check that for you

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