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Strange issue with IMEI from Vodafone BlackBerry

4: Newbie

Hi all,


I have a very strange problem with a phone I got from Vodafone. Basically I've tried to sell my old BlackBerry handset to Mazuma that i got as a replacement phone on Vodafone back in October last year. They've referred it to a company called CheckMend who have told me that the phone was reported as being stolen on the T-Mobolie network in September last year! I've gone back to Vodafone who are now claiming that the IMEI number is completely different to the one that I am trying to sell makign it sound like I'm trying to sell a stolen phone!


I am not! I'm trying to sell a phone that was given to me in October by Vodafone! As anyone else expereinced issues liek this? How could a phone that was reported stolen on the T-Mobile network in September turn up at my house from Vodafone in October?!?


It's not the money I was goign to get from Mazuma that worries me. it's the fact that i seemed to have had a stolen phone and now Vodafone are denying all knowledge of this when I know it was the phone they gave me!

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi LustForLeith, 


When a handset is reported as stolen the IMEI is entered into a database once it's locked to prevent them being sold on - it could be that whoever entered this at T-Mobile got a digit the wrong way round and unwittingly entered your IMEInumber into the database!


Your phone would still work as the IMEI bar is applied to the correct IMEI, but the database could show your IMEI.


Our redcords may not match due to the exchange you had in October - we'll still have a record of your original IMEI, which is probably what's causing the confusion.


We can get this sorted out though, I've sent you a PM with instructions on how to contact the team, follow these and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.


You can find your PM inbox here


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4: Newbie

Just to say the issue has been resolved with mazuma! it was there fault and not that of Vodafone! Thanks to the people of the eForum for helping especially Lee!!!

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Hi LustForLeith, 


Thanks for coming back to us and letting us know the situation is all resolved.  


It would be fab if you could leave any members of the team feedback (espeically Lee) here.


Many thanks, 



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