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Text messages - Cant send messages to one person, all others fine.

2: Seeker
When I try to send a text message to a friend it is not being received. This problem has only been happening for the last week. Before anyone asks I am putting the correct number in. I have tried using the ordinary number and using the +44 prefix. Text messages to other 'phones are no problem. By the way it's a Nokia E72.
many thanks,
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Moderator (Retired)
Hi there Millball hope you are well :)

I have no doubt at all that you are putting the correct number in, can I just check that when you go to send the message your phone actually displays 'message sent'? If this is the case and I bet you it is, the fact that the person you are sending a text to can't receive it has nothing to do with your phone or the way you are sending it.

The main reasons for someone not receiving texts is either their inbox is full, they did not have a signal at the time or the phone just needs to be updated on the network. This is more likely the case and can be updated quite easily by doing what we call a 'Manual Roam' on the handset. If you advise them to go onto the HELP section of our website and choose there phone make and model, they will then be able to choose from the list of topics 'Network' then 'Search for network' and follow the instructions.

A good way to check that your sms service is ok is you can send a test sms free of charge to 9770, and you will get a sms back from that number confirming everything is ok. :)

I trust this information is of help to you and if we can help with anything else please get in touch.

Kind regards
eForum team

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