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Transfering contacts to iphone

2: Seeker

Hi, When I got my iphone it was simple to transfer my numbers from my old nokia via Vodafone 360, I have just got an iphone for my wife and find that this facility is not available anymore. She has a Samsung S8000 do you have any sugestions? I have read about using activesync, bur our laptop is running windows 7 and livemail 2011 which doesn't appear to be compatible?

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9: Established

sign up for a googlemail account which is free. Set it up on the old handset and sync the contacts, it is very easy to do.


Then set up the email on your new pone and do the same. Very similar to the 360 thing but can't see googlemail being stopped

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2: Seeker

I am having the same trouble - can you tell me how I sync the samsung jet contacts to gmail?

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi julesDickson,


Instructions on how to do this can be found on the Gmail support pages.



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