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Transferring Contacts...

3: Seeker

Hmmm...This has me a bit stumped and it would be awesome if anyone could help me!

When doing the initial set up on my phone the "Transfer" option came up and it said it took all my contacts from my Desire HD. Only problem was it took over 500 contacts and on the One X it added EVERYONE I have ever emailed, friends on facebook etc.

All I wanted was the actual contacts set up on my "Phonebook" on my Desire HD and yet they seem to be the ONLY ones who haven't been transfered over!

Any idea's peeps?..Aside from this I am loving this phone!! 

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17: Community Champion

Thats a strange one?


I have my contacts sync'd from Google Mail Contacts, so as soon as I log into Gmail the contacts sync into my Phonebook.


Well worth the effort to setup, never have to worry about transferring contacts again. 


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4: Newbie
Mine did the same - i was transferring from Iphone, but it took all my emails as well, facebook, twitter etc etc

I ended up just spending a evening while watching tv going through the phone and manually sync my 300 contacts and deleteing ones i did not need

What i did notice was that if i added a contact to phone memory either just name or name and number it would auto sync with facebook and twitter (liked that feature)

Now all my contacts are linked i select phonebook and phone only option (assuming google or facebook etc) would use more batt as it be taking it from the net??? maybe am wrong

I just make sure i do a sync with Gmail account now everytime i add a new number basically... bit of an effort at first but hopefully going forward should be fine

Thats my exp with it anyway
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