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16: Advanced member

I done away with all the pop3 email accounts (Virgin/ Sky) for security reasons. I prefer to have all my accounts with hot/ gmail. My wife still uses her virgin mail but she needs to access it on the web as I deleted outlook from her lappy

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17: Community Champion


Something else to try...


==Using POP on mobile or multiple devices==

By default, when you check your messages with a POP client, the webmail service marks that it has been downloaded via POP, and instructs the message not to download again to any other POP client. If you need to check your mail on more than one device - say a computer and a mobile phone - then you need to use RECENT mode.

If you are accessing your Sky Mail using POP from multiple clients, Sky Mail's recent mode makes sure that all messages are made available to each client, rather than only to the first client to access new mail.
Initially Recent mode fetches the last 30 days of mail, regardless of whether it has been sent to another POP client already. Subsequent downloads just get the latest unread emails.

On your POP client, replace you account username: '' in your POP client settings with ''

Please be aware that the first time you use RECENT mode it will re-download all your messages from the last 30 days even if you have already received them.

Please also note that if you have set Sky mail to delete messages once downloaded (under Forwarding & POP in the Mail Settings) then this will probably not work.

Once you enable recent mode, please be sure to configure your POP client to leave messages on the server according to the instructions below:

In Outlook, on the Advanced tab, check the box next to Leave a copy of messages on the server.

In Outlook Express, on the Advanced tab, check the box next to Leave a copy of messages on server.

In Apple Mail, on the Advanced tab, remove the check next to Remove copy from server after retrieving a message.

In Thunderbird, on the Server Settings tab, check the box next to Leave messages on server


Worth a try...

Soup :smileywink:

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2: Seeker

Thanks for everyones time and effort in this!


I think I have stumbled on the solution for me due to a mention of the use of GMail in one of the posts.  I noticed Skys email system is in fact a GMail account and so by entering my email address and password on the Gmail app i can use this instead:smileyvery-happy:


Please tell me if I'm wrong but a quick test indicates that if I archive an email on the phone it still stays on the server and will download on to my pc via windows live mail.


Do not understand why my pop3 settings do behave properly on the phone but as long as I can get to a workable solution then I am a happy bunny as loving this phone (had a quick play on a work colleagues iphone 4 and have to say I feel it's old tech in comparison to Galaxy S).


One last quick question for you intelligent guys though.  I assume there are no settings on GMail app as to frequency to check as it's a push email system. If this is the case, how does the server know to send new mails to my phone?  Or am I completely wrong and it's still a pull email system checking regularly.  Better for battery & data?  I've been thinking about this way too much haven't I?

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16: Advanced member
Afaik whatever is on your gmail app is on your gmail inbox on your pc. If you delete an email from your phone it should delete from your pc too. I only use email for business mostly and prefer to just use my pc. I have my gmail set up on the phone but very rarely use it and if I do it's just to read the mail.

For hints, tips and flashing guides, visit my youtube page
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2: Seeker

My quick tests showed that if you DELETE from the phone then they will not download to the pc.  However, if you ARCHIVE on the phone then they will download to the pc.  There appears to be a difference!!

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17: Community Champion

Hey Jen,


Glad you got it sorted... :smileyhappy:

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