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Updating Galaxyy S2 to ICS

6: Helper

Hi All,


read with excitement that I could update my phone to ICS today, via Kies.

I connected, and got loads of "Low battery" messages - which was annoying since it was 30% left and connected and charging anyway!

I waited for it to charge to 70%, it went through the set up, and looked like it was working, until the PC told me "Device interuppted" - which it hadn't been - I was very careful.

Then the phone got stuck on "Downloading, Do not disconnect target" for an hour, I have up, and hard reset with the up volume, home, and power.

It's rebooted back to what it was before (I haven't yet checked for further damage, I'm soooo annoyed at this right now)

What is going on, anyone any ideas? 

I've found this phone glitchy to the extreeme.  When working it's great, but I had an HTC desire, which worked pretty much seemlessly.

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6: Helper

Tried the second time, and as reported by everyone else, it's worked this time.


As a warning though - upgrading to ICS clears all of your home screens, so if you've, like me, spent a good few hours getting folders right, they all disappear, by the looks of it!  ARGH!


Other than that, I can't see many plus points to doing it!

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Mozza76


Glad to see this has now worked for you and thanks for the update


If there is anything else let us know and we'll be in touch.





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1: Seeker
Hi All

Have just updated my S2 to ICS 4.0.3 having waited what has felt like months of waiting... oh hang on, it WAS months.

KIES - nightmare but got there in the end. First impressions - totally underwhelmed to be frank. It's loaded a ton of rubbish on the front screen, all gone now. I can't see any improvement in the speed of the browser as promised. Email browser IS better looking, if no faster. Photo viewer does appear to be faster - so good news there.

As a guy who hated all things Apple until buying an iPad last November - I must say that the next phone is looking less and less like an Android. I love the S2 but the platform and app volumes are looking dated and limited. Maybe have to see what the iPhone 5 looks like...
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