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Upgrade to iPhone 4 16gb

2: Seeker
Hi, I am able to upgrade from Oct 8th. I want to switch to an iPhone 4 16gb. What sort of price am I looking at for a 24month contract?

Any help appreciated
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Hi simoncha,


Thanks for signing up to the eForum! I hope you become a regular in future.

All our current iPhone 4 tariffs can be found here. I'll be happy to chat to you before the 8th though if you're keen to get the handset a little sooner. Simply reply to the email I'm sending down to you now and we'll get in touch.


Cheers, Ben

Web Relations Team 

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4: Newbie
I upgraded an 3G to an iPhone 4 yesterday.It said it was in stock with a delivery time of 2-4 days.I went through with the order & a while later I received a txt saying there will be a delay.No reason was given why or when to expect the new handset.Can a mod please look into it? My other halfs 3G is sluggish at best & would appreciate a new handset sooner rather than later. The order number is: o286628193

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Moderator (Retired)

Hey aprilshack


Orders placed on the Vodafone online store are controlled by the V-Store. The V-Store is a separate department from ourselves and we are unable to access their systems.

To query any aspect of an online order, you can call them direct on 08700 700 191 (option 3, option 1) or, alternatively email them on

This will give the fastest answer to your query.



eForum Team

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