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Various problems since update

4: Newbie

My Sensation updated to last night and since then I've had various problems:


  • Battery life/charging - put the phone on charge as normal last night at about 50% battery life. This morning the charge wasn't even up to 80%. Overnight is normally plenty of time to do a full charge from empty battery life. The phone also feels warmer than normal when charging. I have it on charge now and it's only gone up about 2% in 30 minutes.
  • Stuttering audio - I went out for a run this morning as normal using miCoach. The audio was stuttering/cutting out and after about five minutes, the phone rebooted itself.
  • Accounts/sync screen not working - everytime I tried to get into the accounts/sync screen to check if the settings had reset following an update, the app hung. I had to do a reset to fix it.
  • UI issues - after the above reset to fix the sync screen, the unlock ring didn't appear when trying to use the phone normally. This meant I couldn't even get into the phone to do a reset or anything else! I had to remove the battery in the end...

The update was one of the last things I did last night so it really worries me that I've had all these issues within a few hours of use. Makes me wonder what other things are going to happen down the line...


Anyone else having similar issues?



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2: Seeker

yep i havce exactly the same problems as you state.


The most worrying being the warm to touch phone even when in use and poor poor battery life.


A  tad annoyed to to say the least. Everything was perfect untill this software update, now has virtually rendered the phone useless.


Any suggestions or help vodafone


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4: Newbie

A very helpful chap in the Belfast store (Alain) was able to pin down the problem last night for me. It's not a fix but it's a workaround.


As well as the battery life and heat, the phone was chomping through data. I'm talking 200MB yesterday alone! Alain's theory is that the update does something to the background syncing of the phone.


Anyway, the workaround is to go into Accounts & Sync and switch off background syncing. You should still be able to manually sync individual services with no issues. Not ideal I know, but otherwise the phone is back to its old self.


He also recommended doing a full reset, which I'll be doing at the weekend, and reckons if others report the problem, a fix should be forthcoming.


Hope this is useful for now.

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2: Seeker

Having similar problems but my main inconvenience is the fact that it has stopped the ability of me changing my home, to launcher pro or launcher7 for example, and many of the ones i hae installed are now 'hidden'. If i go to the apps on market, it says they're installed but no option to open.. What has this crappy update done!?

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