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Vodafone K3765 Dongle - I'm getting RAS Error 608 When Trying To Connect

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Hi everybody!!

I have just purchased a dongle for my laptop and am getting really annoyed because it will not connect to the internet. I keep getting the RAS error code 608!!! I tried installing and connecting my partners dongle which is about a year old and is the K3760 version and that worked perfect!! I think my problem is related to the new Lite software - my dongle is the K3765. Please please please can anyone help me as Im getting really frustrated with it now and cannot use something I'm paying for!!!!

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Moderator (Retired)
Hi there horsemadmumma,

RAS 608 can be fixed by following the troubleshooting guide that’s been attached in this thread.

Let me know if this resolves your query.


eForum Team

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1: Seeker

I am having this same problem.  I tried clicking on the Thread but it just came up a whole range of dicussions wheras all I want to know if how to resolve this problem to get back on the Internet.  Can you help please?



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15: Advanced member

The thing about picking up old threads is that links and the solutions may be out of date.  The troubleshooting thread is now at the top of the Mobile Broadband section here

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