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Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software for PC v10.0.201.2314

2: Seeker

hi there,

I want to update my old soft to 
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software for PC v10.0.201.2314

but if I'm about to download new version and captcha asks to enter word after submit it gives me error

"Unfortunately, the characters you entered are incorrect. Please try again."

And kepps going on and on.
I'm sure that my eyes are ok and I'm antering correct word.
Whats up with this thing?
Can sombody provide direct link or so.

Grts Marko

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15: Advanced member
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2: Seeker

hey thanks for your replay.
I found a issue. And got file downloaded.
As I'm using my vodafone connection all the time and there is that image compression or something at the beginning of source.
I went back download zone same as link and I continued to trying and it still failed and gave me same error.
Then one of times I happened to go with mouse over the captcha image and it had ALT shift+r proves image.
So I pressed it and captch picture chanced and download was successful. 

I'm currently using version

Or where you think the problem could come?

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15: Advanced member

I use Vodafone too - it's the only broadband I have.  They can be difficult to read.  You could try another browser or hit ctrl and + to increase the size of the browser image.  

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