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Vodafone to ensure iphone5 does not get BLOCKED

2: Seeker

Hi there,


Just recently bought an iphone 5 from ebay, the seller's carrier is Orange and its unlocked, however I have been reading around and been reading that other buyers complaining that their phones have been blocked after several weeks after the purchase has been made


Can I register the phone, having the proof of purchase from ebay as well as paypal, to vodafone to ensure that the seller will not be able to block the iphone to scam the insurance as lost or stolen and ultimately not to scam me. 


Or can I do an insurance with it to so it becomes my phone and cannot be blocked ?


Thank you


Kind Regards,



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16: Advanced member
Hi there Unfortunately there is no way to stop this scam. The original owner can report the phone lost/stolen at any point so you do run the risk that the phone can be blocked across all networks as a result of this report. You could take out insurance on the handset but once again this will not stop it from being blocked. Fingers crossed that you have an honest dealer.


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3: Seeker
freaking scams...
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