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Xperia ray MMS settings

1: Seeker
I have just got an xperia ray and the MMS settings don't work. I get a message saying "message not downloaded" when someone sends me a picture message and when I try to send one it says sending for ages but doesn't actually send.

I have contacted vodafone about this and they sent me an email with settings but for the xperia x10 which they told me was the same in terms of settings but still this doesn't work. I have manually typed the settings I have been sent, switched my phone off etc but nothing works!

Can anyone shed any light on how I can get my nice new shiny phone to send and receive picture messages? Thank you,
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2: Seeker
Yip - same problem here - tried every setting I can find published online and no joy...

Come on support guys, lets have the answer....
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2: Seeker
Apparently it depends on the sim card, an old sim card does not receive the usual updates from Voda - order a new SIM and all's fine....
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