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can't sync outlook notes!

4: Newbie

this is a terrible omission for a high end smart phone.


Kies will sync calendar, contacts and tasks with outlook but not notes - even though there is the smemo app.


I've looked for solutions but i have to pay (after what ive already paid for the phone thats just not right) and i have to dump the samsung apps in favour of third party sofware.


does anyone have a (free) solution to sync smemo with outlook notes, please?


initially i loved the S4 but now i'm beginning to regret swapping from blackberry. All the eye-catching gimmicks don't make up for having the basics missing!

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi johnconstable,


I’ve checked the User Manual for the phone and can’t see any mention of how to sync Outlook notes with the phone.


It looks as though you’ve checked the Google Play store already, which would have been my next suggestion.


I’m sure our community members will be able to offer alternatives for you.





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4: Newbie

Thanks, Andrew - I'll look forward to all suggestions.


It seems like such a basic and simple thing to ask for. I can't believe it's truning out to be so hard.

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16: Advanced member

Kies Sync at the moment is having issues with outlook 

It see the phone but its somthing to do with the kies 

My customers are having issues with it 

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17: Community Champion
Google in general isn't very good at Outlook syncing unless you pay for the business pack.

You could look for a Funambol plug in for Ol and a syncml client for Android, but you still need a server and that's where I drew a blank.

I haven't tried it, but Sync2 (for Outlook) looks quite good.

Even Windows Phone is pretty bad at Ol sync, so don't be too hard on Android! I suspect that most users who require it are corporate and have bespoke systems involving Exchange.
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4: Newbie

that I think what's annoyed me is that I read samsung used to have 't memo' which did sync notes via keis but they changed this to 's memo' which does not. Presumably political?

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4: Newbie

i'm still seeing conflicting information on kies and syncing with s memo on the S4.


Please can anyone say for certain if it's possible?


I've tried email samsung to ask but their help email interface is impossible to use. Whhen i get as far as selecting my model number - it isn't listed! and it wont let you put it in manually. not good, samsung.

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16: Advanced member

It has been 

One problem we have is samsung and Microsoft 

every so oftern they get things right then one messes it up

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2: Seeker

A bit late joining this thread, but you might try something called MyPhoneExplorer. I used with my HTC Desire when HTC's sync prog turned out to be poor, and have now starting using it with my Galaxy S4 Mini. Works well.

It won't sync with S-memo but comes with two apps to provide notes and tasks on the phone, which sync with the matching bits in Outlook. It's shareware, or Donateware I think the author calls it.

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4: Newbie

Thanks - i'll take a look.


I've paid for VCOrganiser now but I'm still having problems. I think VCO will do the job and their suport is good but the whole thing is so complex - so many apps and programs to synnc together on several different devices. I've accidentally quadrupled my contacts, some have gone missing and I've wiped out all my contact photos. Never had this trouble with blackberry. Tempted to go back but the galaxy does so much more that I couldn't get on the BB - iplayer works for a start!


I lost patience with it for a long time but I think your posting has prompted me to have another crack...

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